young child reading a book amidst plush pillows

Space Holder

A space holder is someone who can create and hold a safe space for a person so they can be themselves around them, knowing they will not be judged, they will be understood, valued and have an authentic meaningful connection.

As adults, we need to try and be embodied, calm and grounded to support our children to regulate, rather than expecting a child or young person to modify their behaviour themselves or change for external reward systems. We need to be a space holder for them.

Embodiment and Sensory Systems

Understanding the nervous system and its functions, trauma, and trauma responses, is vital for effective learning, safe space holding and non-toxic wellness and spiritual communities –and in any learning environment. It is also important to recognise and understand the stress responses of the body. As an educator, facilitator, space holder or practitioner, working under the premise of ‘first do no harm’ is part of a well-rounded trauma-informed approach.

Embodied Education: Creating Safe Space for Learning, Facilitating and Sharing

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