A young person with a back pack looks down a city street. Text reads: Find Your People


These folks are with us in the fight to live and learn differently.

Human Restoration Project

An astronaut in a space suit reclines on a crescent moon with a cup of coffee

Neurodiversity is one of the most powerful ideas of our generation. Human Restoration Project understands the importance of neurodiversity and disability in an era of mass behaviorism and unvarnished eugenics. They are true allies in the fight for the right to live and learn differently.

HRP’s vision for human-centered education is compatible with neurodiversity, the social model of disability, and human dignity. They understand that sharing power fosters self-determination, something dearly important to our community of neurodivergent and disabled people.

Human Restoration Project
The future needs you.

Illustration of children pursuing their interests, including puppets, planes, astronomy, and reading.
A Celebration of the Wonderous Joy of Childhood Imagination and the Power of Play
Artist: Farimah Khavarii
More About Human Restoration Project

Human Restoration Project is informingguiding, and growing a movement toward a progressive, human-centered education system. We are bringing together a network of radical educators who are transforming classrooms across the world.

About Human Restoration Project

At Stimpunks, we choose the margin, because design is tested at the edges. HRP likewise designs for those of us at the margins. That’s because they have joined us at the edges. They show up. They listen. They integrate. They practice good allyship.

This is exemplified throughout their work, including the implementation of the Conference to Restore Humanity, a conference model for the future compatible with us Stimpunks like no other. No one else includes us like HRP.

Conference to Restore Humanity! is an annual, designed-for-virtual conference centering progressive education, social justice, and preserving the humanity of classrooms. We strive to bring together the radicals reimagining their classroom spaces and demanding for a just future.

Conference to Restore Humanity

Reframing is a big part of our advocacy. Reframing ourselves and others is hard and important work necessary to all other work.

“The long-term well-being and empowerment of Autistics and members of other neurocognitive minority groups hinges upon our ability to create a paradigm shift – a shift from the pathology paradigm to the neurodiversity paradigm.”

Dr. Nick Walker

HRP helps create this paradigm shift with their handbooks and why sheets. HRP’s materials help us reframe people as we journey through our systems.

Finding HRP was like finding an oasis. They understand, and they help.

100 Seconds to Midnight: The Need for a Human-Centered Education


Randimals logo with letters in different colors and P-Dawg forming the I.

Our friends and allies at Randimals have a saying,

What makes us different, makes all the difference in the world.


We agree.

Randimals evoke spiky profiles, learning terroir, collaborative niche construction, and special interests. Understanding these is critical to fostering neurological pluralism.

To face the challenges of the future, we’ll need the problem-solving abilities of different types of minds working together.

The Best Autism Books, recommended by Steve Silberman
Hard plastic toy of Hamlion, a Randimal that combines a hamster and a lion

“What makes us different, makes all the difference in the world.” —Randimals

Hamlion says, “To face the challenges of the future, we’ll need the problem-solving abilities of different types of minds working together.”

Thanks to the folks at Randimals for helping us tell our story and have some fun. They’re weird like you and me, they honor neurodivergent people as a “foundational part of most fandoms“, and they “honor the unique relationships Autistic people have to objects“.

Mugs and Pockets

Swamburger and Scarlet Monk of Mugs and Pockets are true allies who help us tell our stories. Their music and art are all over our website.

Respect due to learning with an arsenal of permanent pillars 
Piercing through the surface of artificial services

Life Commits by Swamburger and Scarlet Monk
Selling yourself short tames the vision 
How you're depicted can change the sentence

Innocent by Swamburger and Scarlet Monk
Ordinary tried to fix me
I was a threat to a page in history
Miss me with the treatment, doo-wop bleaching
Straighten my kinky with a new pop Legion

Talent by Swamburger and Scarlet Monk
It's just me and my MPC
Questing out to meet my tribe unique
Keep it funky for the followers eager to speak
The same dialect is on when we greet in the street, fam
Why would my sound be tampered?
Or better yet, watered down and then pampered?
Cater to who, I influence the standard
Check it… we 'bout to change some manners

Talent MAP Mix by Mugs and Pockets

Open arms with open doors
It’s why I’m here to open yours

I got a moment in time
The greatest opening line

You’re gonna get past
You’re gonna get past
You’re gonna get past

Moment by Swamburger and Scarlet Monk of Mugs and Pockets
All Hail Open Doors

Did you ever feel

Like you don’t quite belong

Just hold on

And go find your people

Find your people

Opening doors has become my calling

Welcome to this house

All Hail Open Doors by Swamburger and Scarlet Monk of Mugs and Pockets
A young person with a back pack looks down a city street. Text reads: Find Your People
A young person with a back pack looks down a city street. Text reads: Find Your People