Flowers grow from a skeletonized human torso. Some of the flowers have teeth and mouths. One flower is biting the skull of the torso.


Constructionism is being practiced anywhere where people are making artifacts to represent their knowledge constructions.

On Constructionism, Makerspaces, and Music Education

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Stimpunks community, wanna add something to our gallery? It can be anything.

A poem,
a paragraph,
a painting,
a plea,
a picture of a partridge,
in a pear tree

🎨✍🏾 Betsy Selvam

A young woman looks up toward images flowing from an open book with pages riffling
Image credit: “Neurodivergent #2: When visions leap off the page” by Betsy Selvam

Betsy Selvam is an artist from Vellore, south India. Currently pursuing her PhD, Betsy has had a lifelong passion for literature and art. As a neurodivergent artist, Betsy hopes to use art and writing for positive change. She has been published in The Blue Marble Review, Oyster River Pages and Door is a Jar, among other places, for her work.

🎨 Heike Blakley

Heike Blakley is a self-taught, emerging artist working with a wide array of mediums such as acrylic, oil, watercolor, pencil, charcoal, pastel, mixed media, pen & ink.
Also specializing in resin art, jewelry making, woodwork, clay sculptures, fabric art and poetry.

Using her creativity as a form of learning and for meditative purposes, she is determined to, β€œabsorb as much β€œcollective knowledge,” as she is able to grasp in one lifetime and effectively communicate understanding through art.”

Home | Heike Blakley, Heike Vogt (@hblkly) β€’ Instagram
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🎨 Adriel Jeremiah Wool

abstract, algorithmic art

Pseudo Proxima by Adriel Jeremiah Art

The artist hopes to convey this: that the universe is given forth folded and unfolded. Although explicit understanding helps, it is too cumbersome, and should only provide refinement to something already greater that exists.

That greater thing is what was given to the artist first by the practice of origami. An enlivening of the intuitive mind, experience with a universe of many dimensions, and the promise of creation revealed when one folds a flat square into the likeness of a higher dimensional thing. That inspiration reaches a young mind in a powerful way.
The artist wants the viewer to see proof of what their intuitive mind already knows is true, the universe is a multidimensional phenomenon and the ability to understand its nature already exists within us each.

The artist hopes the viewer will be inspired to seek the understanding of freedoms available to the individual inspired by the exposure to artistic expressions, and of a nature of dimensionality unimaginably greater than the object presented here.

Adriel Jeremiah Wool
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🎨 Kyle Duce

A chimpanzee in a space suit stares stoically at the camera with trees in the background
Space Ghost by Kyle Duce

Raised between the San Juan Mountains of Colorado and a small farming community in Wisconsin, Kyle gained an appreciation of the land, wildlife and the beauty of nature.  Kyle grew up as a 3rd generation artist, his grandfather was an oil painter and his mother ran a stained glass business out of their home in Wisconsin.  There was no shortage of art projects, outdoor activities, hunting, fishing, camping and gardening.  Post college, Kyle traveled and moved back to Colorado, Seattle and now Austin.  He has been living in downtown cities since college.  The clash of these two timelines reflects the duality expression in most of his work. This duality can also be seen through his passion for the skate, snow, music, tattoo and architecture world.

Custom Artwork | Cryptic Creative | Austin
Kyle Duce (@cryptic_creative) β€’ Instagram photos
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Black mother and daughter holding hands while wearing sparkly ball gowns and crowns. Credit: Jasmine Slater
Black mother and daughter holding hands while wearing sparkly ball gowns and crowns. Credit: Jasmine Slater

Jasmine is a 35 year old mother of 2 boys. She was a server for 16 years before the pandemic. She has always been very passionate about helping others & knows that is her purpose here in this life. She is a creative that has bipolar disorder & Neuropathy. She enjoys writing, painting & making others smile. While attending ISU years ago, she had a blog on international events that detailed human rights atrocities.

josephmooon logo
Neurodiversity rocks! We make rock ‘n’ roll and inclusive education.
Lately I’ve been feeling out of tune out of tune
I don’t know why but I would like to know why
And I want to get back in tune
Out of tune that’s what I am

Being out of tune pains my head
(can’t get out of bed)
Hurts from being out of tune and
I just so want to get back in tune
Out of tune that’s what I am out of tune
“Out of Tune” by Josephmooon
incept thoughts of sustainability
and alternative living
while simultaneously giving energy
to the conscious resistance
make a colossal difference
and help to stop the systems
that forever lock our existence

Insignificant by Feral the Earthworm
heard a quote that the answer is
inside the things that you
fear most
don't run from the pain
it's the hydra
two heads grow back when you cut one
this cannot be slain
it perpetually regains until the day
that you've illuminated darkness with a
shadows remain
understand this principle
can never be removed only tamed

The Answer by Feral the Earthworm

The revolution has no size or shape. It’s the collective effort of all dreamers.

Feral the Earthworm

✍🏾 Kristina Brooke Daniele

Kristina Brooke Daniele is a Black, queer, neurodivergent homeschooling mom, educator, wife, and author of two books, (Civil Rights Then and Now and i wandered, lost: poems). Kristina has worked as an educator in some capacity for over 15 years- first as a classroom teacher, then as a homeschooling teacher, and currently, as an education consultant. She is passionate about collaborative projects centering on creating and maintaining safe-spaces for those who have for too long been pushed aside. During her time at Automattic, Kristina spearheaded the creation of the Employee Resource Group, Cocoamattic for Black employees at the company.

orange tabby cat lying on blue comforter
by Kristina Daniele

I’m in pain.
Mental. Physical.
The result’s the same.
Retreating into silence.
Resting my brain.
Taking deep breaths.
Trying to reframe.
Writing in my journal.
Listening to myself.
Trying to get centered
But drifting to the left.

I’m in pain.
Mental. Physical.
Emotionally, it’s the same.
Stimming to reset
Moving to get rest.
Blocking out the world,
And listening to myself.
Trying to get centered
But drifting to the left.
I'm a work in progress.
I'm not finished yet.

🎨 itsyagerg_zero

A young non-binary person of color with short black hair wearing a blue tank top and round rimmed glasses is in front of the transgender flag and the non-binary flag with their tongue sticking out and one eye winking
Art: itsyagerg_zero
Two people pose in front of a rainbow pride flag with their arms around each other

Left: Lydia Santos (she/they), autistic, epileptic, demigirl lesbian. 26 y/o (if they care)

Right: Maxine Fields (she/her), adhder, bisexual cis woman and Lydia’s girlfriend. 28 y/o (again, if they care)

Art: itsyagerg_zero

🎨 Daniel Zayas

Daniel Zayas is an FAU alumni with a degree in Economics, who’s interests include permaculture and mycology. He has worked with the American Cancer Society and Live Like Bella non-profit organizations, along with experience in residential and agricultural construction. His experience demonstrates his qualities of being a hard worker with a big heart.

πŸ–Š Chelsea Adams

Blue Whale with Hearts
Chelsea’s whale tattoo is in memory of her bother Cody. Tattoo artist: Darryl Hanna

Chelsea served as a combat medic in the United States Army for 6 years. After leaving the army in 2014 she went back to school with the goal of getting her nursing degree. During this time she worked on the oncology floor of St. Davids South Austin. She decided to go in a different direction career wise and currently is pursuing non profit work. Her goal is to continue her passion of helping people.

Chelsea’s jellyfish tattoo. Tattoo artist: Darryl Hanna

✍🏻 Ryan Boren

Press play on this and then scroll down.

Read the following in move trailer voice,

In a world set against their love,
they love.

In a world drunk on the past,
they write the future.
Pushing boundaries,
smudging edges.

Their torrid pas de deux is fuel and spark
for an idea we must kindle.

Liberation entwined,
we unite as bodyminds,
dancing in full spectrum.

In our Watercooler room at Stimpunks, someone shared the music above and said it should be in movie trailers. Ryan concocted the above on the fly for fun and shares it here to encourage others to share their small and unfinished works, their for fun works.

πŸŽΆπŸŽ¨πŸ’ƒ Swamburger and Scarlet Monk

A young person wearing a cape and hood points up to a flying saucer
Respect due to learning with an arsenal of permanent pillars 
Piercing through the surface of artificial services

Life Commits by Swamburger
Selling yourself short tames the vision 
How you're depicted can change the sentence

Innocent by Swamburger
Ordinary tried to fix me
I was a threat to a page in history
Miss me with the treatment, doo-wop bleaching
Straighten my kinky with a new pop Legion

Talent by Swamburger
All Hail Open Doors

Did you ever feel

Like you don’t quite belong

Just hold on

And go find your people

Find your people

Opening doors has become my calling

Welcome to this house

All Hail Open Doors by Swamburger and Scarlet Monk of Mugs and Pockets
A young person with a back pack looks down a city street. Text reads: Find Your People
A young person with a back pack looks down a city street. Text reads: Find Your People

Open arms with open doors
It’s why I’m here to open yours

I got a moment in time
The greatest opening line

You’re gonna get past
You’re gonna get past
You’re gonna get past

Moment by Swamburger and Scarlet Monk of Mugs and Pockets
It's just me and my MPC
Questing out to meet my tribe unique
Keep it funky for the followers eager to speak
The same dialect is on when we greet in the street, fam
Why would my sound be tampered?
Or better yet, watered down and then pampered?
Cater to who, I influence the standard
Check it… we 'bout to change some manners

--Talent MAP Mix by Mugs and Pockets

Heartless by Swamburger and Scarlet Monk

Here’s some reading on making,