Creator Grants

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Need funding for your artadvocacy, or research? We offer US$3,000 grants to creators.

Information we need:

  • Statement about who you are as a creator
  • Statement on how neurodiversity and/or disability manifest in your work. Your work doesn’t have to directly be about neurodiversity or disability.
  • Examples of your work

We consider proposals on a quarterly basis. These are for individual (Non-institutional) creator grants only.

Unfortunately, we can not provide grants to minors without guardian approval. We are also limited to US residents only.

Please use this form to initiate a request for a creator grant.

Our form has four parts:

  1. First, we ask for contact information.
  2. Then we ask for your social media. This is optional but helpful in us getting to know each other.
  3. Then we ask you to describe your work and tell your story however you can.
  4. Finally, we show you a preview of your submission so you can review and revise before you submit.
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🔐 About Us and What We Do With Your Information

Chelsea, Inna, and Ryan are at the other end of our contact form. Get to know us on our About page. Alas, we can’t usually move at the speed of emergencies, and sometimes we take a week or two off for self-care. We get lots of spam and sometimes miss your requests in the noise. If you don’t hear from us within a week, feel free to contact us again. Your information will be entered into our CRM software (HubSpot) and our accounting software (QuickBooks Online) for compliance purposes. Your IP address will be used to geolocate your browsing session. Your “user journey” through our website on the way to submitting the form will be captured. We collect as little as we can from you and do our best to keep it secure. We use 1Password for Business to secure our accounts with long, randomly generated, unique passwords. Your information will be reviewed by our directors: Ryan, Inna, and Chelsea. Our nonprofit consultant and our nonprofit lawyer audit our grants and grant process for ethics and legality.

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