Interoception our 8th sense, connects us to inner bodily awareness (e.g. pain, thirst, hunger, desire, hygiene & toilet needs, temperature, heart rate, breathing, even our bones, etc.) rather than sensations outside our body (vision, noise, smells, touch, taste and movement).

The difference from noticing the fragrance and colour and sounds during a wak through bue bell woods, to recognising the way it makes you feel? Senses from outside yourself combine with those inside yourself, to give you an over all sense.

Interoception, the perception of sensations from inside the body, also incudes the autonomic nervous system, which houses our emotions.

Autism & Interoception – YouTube

Neuroception, the unconscious sense enabling us to notice danger (being with a safe human (a care-giver) or a potential non-safe human (a stranger)). Also, internal body state of safe or dangerous, triggers neurobiologically determined prosocial or defensive behaviours (e.g. knowing I’m about to throw-up, hit out at someone or something etc).

Interoception and neuroception are linked because they each inform the other, but in autism when our attention is taken over we may not notice or be able to name either inner or outer sensory information.

Autism & Interoception – YouTube

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Published by Ryan Boren

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