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Via our pillars, we support neurodivergent and disabled people.

Mutual Aid Grants
Creator Grants
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Mutual Aid Grants

We send out four mutual aid grants a month to help keep people housed, fed, connected, and alive.

Thank you so much @stimpunks for supporting & believing in me & my artwork.

It’s okay to be you. It’s okay to be different. It’s okay to have a disability. Never give up on yourself.

Jasmine Slater

If y’all care about me, read what @stimpunks is saying.

Liana McCrea

Huge thank you to @stimpunks for this generator so if we lose power, the oxygen concentrator can still run! I can’t thank you enough!!

Karrie Higgins
I want to say thank you and tell you you made a big difference in someone’s life today. I can’t stop crying. I’ve never felt understood or seen like this before. I’m desperately looking for community, perspective, support, tools to survive and feel backed into a corner.

I’m honestly in tears right now because of you guys.

Thank you so, so much for caring about my family. Thank you for sharing your kindness & support.

I want to say thank you and tell you you made a big difference in someone’s life today. I can’t stop crying. I’ve never felt understood or seen like this before. I’m desperately looking for community, perspective, support, tools to survive and feel backed into a corner.

Thank you for reaching out! I’m doing well – thanks to your generosity as well as some other donations I was fortunate to receive, I was able to trade my car for a van and order a lift for the wheelchair! The lift won’t be here until the end of March, but I’m SO excited to finally be free to use my wheelchair out in the world! Thank you SO much for your donation!!

Oh my gosh, thank you SO MUCH! This is truly amazing!

Extremely blessed to be able to get my procedure and medication. Huge thank you to @stimpunks. I’m honestly in tears, thank you guys so much.

Thank you so much. This is exactly what I needed right when I needed it. Y’all are heros. I appreciate your help.

Thank you all so very much! This is a very beautiful thing your team is doing and gives me hope for our society.

Deeply appreciative of this and all of you at Stimpunks, thank you so much! This is an extremely impactful relief.

Again, thank you so much for everything you’ve provided. Stimpunks is doing wonderful work. Our needs may be great, but our gratitude when we receive what we need is even greater. 💕

It shocked me, humbled me, and made me wonder how you were able to do what you did for me!

I can’t believe how incredible y’all are. I’m in tears. This is the biggest thing that’s ever happened to me like this.

My partner told me about you and when I saw your mission page I cried for like an hour because it resonated so strongly.

Thank you so much for the support. I truly appreciate it! It’s really nice to connect with others who “get it” too!

Thank you so deeply for your help and for your care of others.

Thank you so much for reaching out and I cannot express how grateful I am to have been selected! This is going to be a massive weight lifted off my shoulders!

You made someone struggling alone feel a little better and less lonely today.

Creator Grants

Stimpunks Creator Badge

An umbrella inside a circle surrounded by the text "Stimpunks Creator" with rainbow stripes in between

We send out three creator grants per year to support the work of creators.

Our grantees make cool stuff.

Kristina Brooke Daniele

Portrait of a Black woman with glasses

Kristina Brooke Daniele is a Black, queer, neurodivergent homeschooling mom, educator, wife, and author of two books, (Civil Rights Then and Now and i wandered, lost: poems). Kristina has worked as an educator in some capacity for over 15 years- first as a classroom teacher, then as a homeschooling teacher, and currently, as an education consultant. She is passionate about collaborative projects centering on creating and maintaining safe-spaces for those who have for too long been pushed aside. During her time at Automattic, Kristina spearheaded the creation of the Employee Resource Group, Cocoamattic for Black employees at the company.

Kristina enjoys reading speculative fiction, write tales of romance, build homes and design apartments in The Sims 4, peacefully commune with ancient lands in Age of Empires, dabble in various arts and crafts, and spend time with her family.

I am honored to be a recipient of the Stimpunks Creator Grant paid to #neurodivergent and #disabled #creators in support of their work. This grant is a big deal for me and my family as it helps create a space where I can focus on my writing without worry for the next few months. I am so grateful to the organization for providing a light in the midst of darkness! If you want to learn more about Stimpunks, you can check out the website here: https://stimpunks.org/pillars/

Kristina’s Updates – Kristina Brooke Daniele

Civil Rights Then & Now

Civil Rights Then and Now: A Timeline of the Fight for Equality in America doubles as a Civil Rights Movement guide and Black history book for kids. It’s a tool for resourceful parents and educators who aim to engage youth on topics of racism, discrimination, social justice, and prejudice from a historical perspective to the modern present day.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Vocabulary lists suitable for developing minds
  • Questions to promote healthy discussion
  • Essay and journal prompts with processing concepts and topics

Buy from a local independent bookstore or save 30% at Mango.bz

Cover of "Civil Rights Then and Now" featuring a Black girl and a white girl facing each other and holding hands

Virtual Theater Lab Presents: I Wandered, Lost: a live poetry reading written and directed by Kristina Brooke Daniele

i wandered, lost presented by virtual theater lab video

Other Works

Nicole Archambault

Portrait of a woman with long hair and glasses

I’m Nicole Archambault, and I’m an Educational Technology specialist and entrepreneur. My background is in Front-End Web Development, as a self-taught Web Developer. I directed my own education in order to learn the skills required to deliver a personalized and engaging experience for our users.

As kind of a TL;DR: I work largely in the intersection of technology, education, and psychology—it’s super sexy to me, and I honestly can’t see myself doing anything else!

Fueled by my passion, I create online courses for people teaching themselves to code. I love teaching and learning along my students. And these courses I make… have no actual code in them!

Being able to teach technical topics to web developers without boxing them into a specific technology is a skill that not many tech course creators have, but I LOVE the challenge. I want people learning to code to understand the fundamentals, which never change—not just the tech itself.

But of course, I don’t just limit myself to my “work” (which is actually more like play, if we’re being honest).

Why do I do this, though?

Well, I struggled with learning as a child, teenager, and adult. When I was 31, I was diagnosed with a Non-Verbal Learning Disability, as well as Autism Spectrum Disorder.

As I dug into what these diagnoses meant for those life, those learning struggles began to make so much more sense to me, as I realized that I would struggle with any aspect of learning, as long as I couldn’t mentally “model” it. I needed to be able to “see” a concept in my mind’s eye in order to make it click. This realization led me to share my experience with others… and sure enough, there were SO MANY PEOPLE being affected by this same challenge.

Course Creator School

Course Creator School logo with an 8-bit style icon of a computer monitor with camera and microphone

I’m Nicole Archambault, and I’m going to be your dedicated Course Creator School leader!

I’m a professional web developer, and I’ve been creating successful online courses since 2017, when I launched my own educational technology business, La Vie en Code, dedicated to guiding career careers into the web development industry by combining courses and coaching.

Coaching is one of the most fun experiences of my life, and I love seeing how people evolve over time as they embrace and learn from their (many!) mistakes and keep moving forward toward their dreams.

First off, online courses f&*%ing rock! 🤩 They changed the entire trajectory of my life in every way by providing me, as a neuroatypical learner, a way to absorb information in my own way, on my own time.

My sincere hope is that Course Creator School will help you find success with your own educational technology career by embracing online courses as both a substantial means of wealth, as well as a way to give back your knowledge to the rest of the world.

Course Creator School (Beta)

La Vie en Code LaunchPad

"la vie en CODE" in between two curly brackets

A coding community dedicated to the self-educated.

LaunchPad is built for self-taught coders

Leverage the power of the
3 Cs:

Courses +
Community +

It’s proven: Combining online courses with a supportive community, and personalized coaching WORKS! Students leveraging all three Cs perform better and feel more confident than those with only one or two.

LaunchPad brings all 3 together in one place, so you don’t have to scour the internet for resources and people who can help you become a solid dev—sooner.

La Vie en Code LaunchPad: A Learning Community for Self-Taught Coders

Community Events

We put on multiple events with our community every month. Our learners help us plan and execute these events.

Learning Space

We provide learning space online and offline for our community.

“Stimpunks is an essential resource for educators.”

Ira Socol, co-author of Timeless Learning
An astronaut in a space suit reclines on a crescent moon with a cup of coffee

“Stimpunks is a creative, thriving community that is vital to connecting and learning. We must critically examine our classrooms to build neurodiversity-friendly spaces. Stimpunks gives us the tools to do so.”

Human Restoration Project

Open Research

Our website is like Wikipedia because it effectively is an encyclopedia. It’s chock full of answers and knowledge and experience on living in this world as neurodivergent and disabled people. Learn about yourself. Learn about your family. Learn about your friends, co-workers, patients, and students. We offer lots of free resources for navigating our current society and building a more inclusive society. We offer validation for thirsty souls yearning to be seen, heard, and understood. We offer words on your behalf, ones which call out to include you. We offer community and belonging.

There are six hundred pages to explore in our encyclopedia of disability and difference. We are building a global knowledge commons, at the edges. Our glossary, library, courses, and field guide are vast. Visit our site map for lists of our most popular articles and our many collections.


Help us increase our impact and serve our loved people.