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Reframe Disability and Difference

Reframe these states of being that have been labelled deficiencies or pathologies as human differences.

Normal Sucks: Author Jonathan Mooney on How Schools Fail Kids with Learning Differences
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Not having the vocabulary to describe yourself and your loved ones is a tragedy. Our story of reframing disability and difference starts on our front page and continues via the “Continue” button at the bottom of each page in the journey.

We’re going to rewrite the narratives.

Those who work their way through the course will have the understanding of neurodiversity, disability, neurodivergent learning, and neurodivergent ways of being needed to become the allies we need.

The course includes lots of art, music, poetry, and more from our community.

Take the journey. Reframe, and gain vocabulary for you and yours.

Reframe Disability and Difference: We’re Going to Rewrite the Narratives

For those who click/tap “Start Here”, we thank you for starting the reframer’s journey. Take it at your own pace.

Estimated total reading time: 263 minutes, about 4 and a half hours

We have protests to stage, driven by the fuel of our righteous anger. We have speeches to make, written from the soaring pleas of our individual and collective trauma, and our wildest dreams of joy and freedom and love. We have cultural narratives to rewrite because they really do hate us and they really will kill us, and if we’re going to rewrite the narratives, then there’s no reason to hold ourselves back from our most radical and defiant rewritings. We have autistic children who need us to support them as architects of their own liberation against the schools and clinicians and institutions and police and prosecutors who would crush and destroy them.

We’re going to need our anger and our public celebrations of stimming and our complicated, imperfect, messy selves for this long and hard road, because we need all of us, and all of our tactics and strategies, to keep a movement going and ultimately, to win.

Autistic Hoya — A blog by Lydia X. Z. Brown: The neurodiversity movements needs its shoes off, and fists up.