Accommodations: Individualized Responses to Structural Design Problems

The accommodationsAccommodation is fundamentally about not changing the person but changing the environment around the person.Normal Sucks: Author Jonathan Mooney on How Schools Fail Kids with Learning Differences Yet on a programmatic… for natural human variation should be mutual. @laurenancona Yet on a programmatic basis, disability policy and other social programs remain enmeshed, even at theirContinue reading Accommodations: Individualized Responses to Structural Design Problems”

Defining Ableism

Excerpted below are quotes from communityWhat I have always been hoping to accomplish is the creation of community.Community is magic. Community is power. Community is resistance.Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories from the Twenty-First Century… writing and scholarly studies on the definition, history, and forms of ableismable·ism /ˈābəˌlizəm/ nounA system of assigning value to people’sContinue reading “Defining Ableism”

Flexibility makes a big difference in inclusion.

Flexibility makes a big differenceOur friends and allies at Randimals have a saying, What makes us different, makes all the difference in the world.Randimals We agree. Randimals are made up of two different animals… in inclusion. Source: Disabled People Have WFH For Years. Companies Catch Up The competition to hire the best will increase inContinue reading “Flexibility makes a big difference in inclusion.”