Jingle All Our Ways in green letters with circles cut to resemble Christmas tree lights. A red gingerbread person is above the letter. Red mistletoe and green snowflakes surround the letters.

Jingle All Our Ways 2023: Benefit to Build Community

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Join the Eddie Ray Band, a musical group organized for the inclusion of musicians with disabilities, and the Dripping Springs Friendship Club in welcoming a full day of talent, food, fun, and so much more at Jingle All Our Ways 2023.

Members of the Eddie Ray Band pose as a group
The Eddie Ray Band in 2023

Help us raise funds for the Eddie Ray Band and the Dripping Springs Friendship Club to continue supporting the disability community in Dripping Springs. All funds raised will directly support the band, the club, and their members. Funds will be split 50/50 between the two.

The concert is on Sunday December 17th at Hudson’s on Mercer (381 West Mercer Street, Dripping Springs, Texas 78620) beginning at 2:00 pm until 8:00 pm with local musicians playing along with members of the band. Hear some of the amazing songs the band has written and ready to record.

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Jingle All Our Ways 2023

MC Rush Evans (KOOP Radio) to host:

Jingle All Our Ways 2023 Playlist

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Thanks to our friends at Route 12 Filling Station, who will donate a percentage of all their sales on the day before the concert (Saturday, Dec. 16) to our fundraising campaign. This will be our all day pre-game party, so come on out on Dec. 16th. Members of Eddie Ray Band, Dripping Springs Friendship Club, and Stimpunks will be joining.

Support the local businesses that support their community.

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Whether you can attend the concert or not, you can help by joining our peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. Donate now.

Stimpunks Foundation will be collecting funds for this campaign. Stimpunks is a 501(c)3 organization, and your donation is tax deductible. You will be emailed an IRS compliant letter at the time of donation and a year-end-summary of your donations at the end of the year. Keep these letters for filing your taxes.

We honor “The Donor Bill of Rights“.

About Eddie Ray Band

Eddie Ray Band logo with a goat skull atop the neck of a guitar

The Eddie Ray Band is a band from Dripping Springs Texas. This is a unique band that began with love, friendship and the love of music. Music is truly a magical healer and each unique member has blossomed playing music and writing songs. The majority of the band have disabilities and big hearts. Under the direction of their band leader Phil Montfort they have written many songs of the heart through their love of music. The band has local musicians volunteer their time each week to help this special band make music together. I think the musicians benefit more than each week through the positive energy the group provides. It is infectious. Come support these young musicians live their dreams to record a professional album, buy some more equipment and support the local musicians providing hours of support.

Love Is Everything

Got a few minutes? “Love Is Everything (revisited)”, featuring nonspeaking singers, brings the feels and invites singing along, together.

Love Is Everything (revisited) by The Eddie Ray Band
Love Is Everything (revisited) Lyrics
Yeah, Uh, Eddie Ray Band

Ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo
Ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo

Love is hugs, caring and sharing
Love makes me feel happy
Love takes a cloudy day
And makes it a sunny day
Love is everything

It’s the sun in the sky
And the birds in the trees
Mama and I
And the ground beneath my feet
Love is everything
Ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo
Love is everything
Ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo
Love is everything

Well I can tell you this
Love is much more than
Just a kiss it’s more to me
Love takes a heavy heart
And makes it light again
Love is everything

It’s the sun in the sky
And the birds in the trees
Mama and I
And the ground beneath my feet
Love is everything
Ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo
Love is everything
Ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo
Love is everything
Printed lyrics with handwritten musical notation

Check out the rest of the band’s current catalog on their ReverbNation page.

About Dripping Springs Friendship Club

Two hands clasp in the middle of a blue circle. "Dripping Springs Friendship Club" circles the circle in rainbow letters.

This is a social club that connects young adults with disabilities (18 to 55) within the Dripping Springs community to community events, social gatherings and development of friendships.

About “Jingle All Our Ways”

Jingle All Our Ways in green letters with circles cut to resemble Christmas tree lights. A red gingerbread person is above the letter. Red mistletoe and green snowflakes surround the letters.

At Stimpunks, our primary avenue for Learning Center development is through the Dripping Springs Friendship Club gatherings on Fridays. This is a group of disabled young adults including folks with autism, cerebral palsy and other types of inherent and acquired disabilities that gathers regularly for social and learning opportunities and development of friendships. The group can be anywhere from 5 to 20 young adults depending on activities for the day.

Many of these adults participate in the Eddie Ray Band.

The Eddie Ray Band started simply enough.  Six years ago, a young, disabled man named Brandon needed a caregiver.  Brandon’s mother searched for the right person, preferably someone that was into music as much as Brandon was, and luckily, she found Phil. Phil knew immediately upon taking the job that music would be a big part of the relationship.  He just didn’t know how big.

Brandon loved the Beatles and wanted his own band. Being nonspeaking, he also wanted to learn to speak so that he could belt out his favorite Beatles’ tunes.  Phil and Brandon spent time working on all things Beatles as well as other classic rock.  About that time, Nathan joined the duo as Brandon’s new housemate and darn good drummer. Then Nathan brought his friend, Ben, who brought his bongos, harmonica and percussion skills.  The band continued to grow by word of mouth due to a tightly knit group of parents and young men with disabilities in the Dripping Springs area. Thursday morning rehearsals can have as many as 20 musicians sitting in to sing, play, and create music. Brandon lives for Thursdays and sings at the top of his lungs. Phil gently leads the group playing guitar.  He encourages them to take the lead on their songs and play as a team with the others in the band.

Being a cover band was not exactly what the group had in mind. Ben wanted to write a song, so “Eddie from Waco” was hatched and soon 19 more original tunes were written.  When Ben was asked what the band meant to him, he put his hand on his heart, and said, “my heart.” The music and pure joy come from these delightful musicians’ hearts, and the socialization within the group has forged a literal band of brothers that love what they are doing.  In Phil’s words, “This group is so rewarding and fun that it eclipses any challenges that come along.”

The Eddie Ray Band have performed at numerous events throughout Dripping Springs including Founders Festival, Xmas on Mercer, Red Arena and Stubbs BBQ at Buddies and special olympic statewide events.  The group will be performing at SXSW 2024 to bring awareness to music and its impact on disabled people.  

Their goal for funding is to record 12 songs they have written in a professional studio.  They would also like to pay for volunteer musicians and Phil’s time when performing in public. 


Eddie Ray Band: $10K

  • Raise money for the Eddie Ray Band to hire Phil as a permanent band manager and pay volunteer musicians.
  • Raise money to produce an album of their records.  Recording sessions are starting in January.
  • Get needed equipment.

Friendship Club: $10K

  • Raise funds to pay for their Friday programming and increase the range of activities they can do.
  • Sell their arts and crafts.

Stimpunks Foundation

The Numbers

For details on how the money raised will be spent, consult these two tables.

Eddie Ray Band Expenses 2024
Eddie Ray Band Expenses 2024
Band Leader Every Thursday for 2 hours working with 9 individuals with disabilities & 4 volunteer musicians48 (Thursday)$75 per session$3,600
Volunteer MusiciansEvery gig (1 gig a month)4 musicians$75 each$3,600
Recording time 8 days of recording $300 per day$2,400
InstrumentsMics and percussion$400$400
Dripping Springs Friendship Club Expenses 2024
Funding for Dripping Springs Friendship Club 2024
EventsRegular Events each Friday

To include: Art, dancing, music, Cooking classes, dancing lessons, exercise programs, education session, special community events
10 to 12 participants$250.00
per event, $1000 per month

Silent Auction

There will be a silent auction running from right now until the end of the concert. We’ve got Christmas ornaments made by the Friendship Club, Christmas photos with miniature donkeys, BnB stays, and more. Visit our auction page on Betterworld and start bidding now.

Got an item to donate to the auction? Contact:  lrummel57@gmail.com,  Leah Rummel 12100 Trautwein Rd Austin TX 78737


There will be a bingo game with cards designed by the Friendship Club.

Run of Show

The Eddie Ray Band takes the stage at 5:30PM. Be prepared to sing “Love Is Everything” together as a community chorus. More details to come. Here’s the song again so you can start practicing.

Love Is Everything (revisited) by The Eddie Ray Band


Become a Sponsor

Silver: $375

  • Company logo distribution throughout event
  • Four (4) event tickets with reserved table 4pm-8pm
  • Four (4) food vouchers

Gold: $750

  • Company logo distribution throughout event
  • Six (6) event tickets with reserved table 4pm-8pm
  • Six (6) food vouchers
  • “Swag Bag” with event merch

Platinum: $1500

  • Company logo distribution throughout event
  • Eight (8) event tickets with reserved table 4pm-8pm
  • Eight (8) food vouchers
  • “Swag Bag” with event merch
  • Reserved parking space
  • Signed memorabilia poster
  • Special business “shoutout” by event host Rush Evans of KOOP Radio
  • Exclusive hand drawn inclusion in DS Friendship Club bingo game!

Contact Jacob Madrid to become a sponsor. jacob@stimpunks.org


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