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Solarpunk aims to cancel the apocalypse.

SOLARPUNK: Life in the future” is great long form scrollytelling akin to what we try to do here on our website. We updated our Solarpunk glossary page with selections from it.

Solarpunk aims to cancel the apocalypse.

SOLARPUNK: Life in the future

Solarpunk is Punk after all

SOLARPUNK: Life in the future

Solarpunk as a movement is building new futures in the minds of individuals but also creating and inspiring communities to DIY their own better futures into existence from the bottom up.

SOLARPUNK: Life in the future

Solarpunk should be considered A Grand Dress Rehearsal for the future we would we would like to live.

SOLARPUNK: Life in the future

That’s what excites me about Solarpunk so much.

It has become a movement that encompass speculative fiction, art, fashion and activism that seeks to answer and embody the question “what does a sustainable civilisation look like, and how can we get there?”

SOLARPUNK: Life in the future

If you want a better future, and are already involved in activism of all kinds then Become a solarpunk. Stand in opposition to the doom and gloom of our current media environment, adopt a more sunny disposition. It’s why solarpunk is punk.

SOLARPUNK: Life in the future

We also added these quotes from “On the Need for New Futures”, “On the Political Dimensions of Solarpunk”, and “What is Solarpunk?”.

Progress/development is not the same as growth, and an integral thesis of solarpunk should be about decoupling the first from the second. More is not better.

On the Need for New Futures. Note from Adam: Sometime in the spring… | by Adam Flynn | Solarpunks | Medium

You’ve heard of the hacker slogan “move fast and break things”? Solarpunk should move quietly and plant things.

On the Political Dimensions of Solarpunk | by Andrew Dana Hudson | Solarpunks | Medium

…solarpunk is an eco-futurist movement which tries to think our way out of catastrophe by imagining a future most people would actually like to live in, instead of ones we should be trying to avoid.

What is Solarpunk? – Solarpunk Anarchist

We are enthusiastic solarpunks. Solarpunk aligns with how we organize and operate.

Importantly, Solarpunk and Stimpunks are both vehicles for reframing.

We Reframe

We reframe out of the confines of the medical model and pathology paradigm and into the respectfully connected expanse of the biopsychosocial model and the Neurodiversity paradigm. We reframe from deficit ideology to structural ideology.

We, Stimpunks

Solarpunk then is a collective ‘Memetic Engine’. A cultural construct, or media entity that is a tool that powers and provides the ‘refuturing’ that our collective imagination needs.

This is narrative as a battleground. Solarpunk as an engine to spin out new futures is designed to self-replicate.

Solarpunk is a ‘world’ first one we can step into, and a set of narratives story’s or books – second.

SOLARPUNK: Life in the future

Like Solarpunk, Neurodiversity is a world one can step into, one with its own framing, narratives, and paradigms.

Reframe these states of being that have been labelled deficiencies or pathologies as human differences.

Normal Sucks: Author Jonathan Mooney on How Schools Fail Kids with Learning Differences

The long-term well-being and empowerment of Autistics and members of other neurocognitive minority groups hinges upon our ability to create a paradigm shift – a shift from the pathology paradigm to the neurodiversity paradigm.


When we successfully reframe public discourse, we change the way the public sees the world. We change what counts as common sense. Because language activates frames, new language is required for new frames. Thinking differently requires speaking differently.

The ALL NEW Don’t Think of an Elephant!: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate

The neurodiversity and solarpunk movements are talking “loudly, frequently, and in detail”.

In 2017, the Science fiction author and futurist Madeline Ashby gave us all one piece of advice: And that is “to talk, loudly and frequently and in detail, about the future you want. You can’t manifest what you don’t share.”

This is exactly the principle that Solarpunk seeks to follow.

SOLARPUNK: Life in the future

Join in.

Solarpunk as both sci-fi genre and movement provides us with “a sandbox today where all these ideas and solutions might be tested to destruction without consequence.“

Solarpunk is a tool for rapidly prototyping narratives and exploring the future that we are collectively on the verge of actually actualising if we wish to fight climate change. You can do it by yourself and tell other people about it. Or get together with friends and talk loudly and in detail about the future.

SOLARPUNK: Life in the future

Let’s re-future our imaginations.

Solarpunk attempts to re-future all of our imaginations.

SOLARPUNK: Life in the future

Neurodiversity and Solarpunk are two of the most powerful ideas of our age, and their time is now.






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