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  • Stimpunks Invites You to Join Us Online at the Conference to Restore Humanity 2023 on July 24th

    Stimpunks Invites You to Join Us Online at the Conference to Restore Humanity 2023 on July 24th

    We were at last year’s Conference to Restore Humanity and are attending again this year. This online conference includes us like no other. Now we have the opportunity and understanding to move from emergency pandemic remote school and its pantomime of learning to purposefully designed online education spaces that are accessible, sustainable, and representative of the communities…

  • Unlearning Deficit Ideology and the Scornful Gaze

    Briefly, deficit ideology is a worldview that explains and justifies outcome inequalities- standardized test scores or levels of educational attainment, for example-by pointing to supposed deficiencies within disenfranchised individuals and communities (Brandon, 2003; Valencia, 1997a; Weiner, 2003; Yosso, 2005). Simultaneously, and of equal importance, deficit ideology discounts sociopolitical context, such as the systemic conditions (racism,…

  • Fundamental Attribution Error and Harm Reduction Theater

    ‘The irony of turning schools into therapeutic institutions when they generate so much stress and anxiety seems lost on policy-makers who express concern about children’s mental health’ ClassDojo app takes mindfulness to scale in public education | code acts in education Mindfulness matters, but make no mistake: Corporations are co-opting the idea to disguise the…

  • Fundamental Attribution Error and the Conquering Gaze from Nowhere

    FAE attitudes and the “conquering gaze from nowhere” are rife in our systems, particularly education and healthcare. They are often leveled by straight, white, abled, neurotypical bodyminds against all other bodyminds. FAE and the conquering gaze exhaust our marginalized students, patients, and employees. Check your FAE. Check your gaze.