May 2022, so far, at Stimpunks: New Pages for the Website

A blue humanoid with rainbow highlights holds a floating sphere in cupped hands.

We started a Research page that opens with a spicy assessment of the status quo of autism studies, “Facts, Fire, and Feels: Research-Storytelling from the Edges“.

We started an Access page.

There’s a subpage dedicated to Healthcare Access.

There’s a subpage dedicated to Education Access.

There’s a page for Interaction Access.

And there’s a page dedicated to Identity First Language.

Those are all rough drafts that we’re iterating in the open.

On uplifting notes, our collaboration with Randimals is a nice change from the wildly painful work we do. Here’s a Weird Pride piece we’re working on.

Our new Stim page features the audio visual art of Stimpunk AJ. Mix your own experience.

We’ll be adding stimmy shares from the community that visitors to the page can mix and layer.

Published by Ryan Boren

#ActuallyAutistic retired technologist turned wannabe-sociologist. Equity literate education, respectfully connected parenting, passion-based learning, indie ed-tech, neurodiversity, social model of disability, design for real life, inclusion, open web, open source. he/they

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