We Use Interaction Badges at Our Events

At our events, we use interaction badges. Come Talk To Me A person wearing a green badge is actively seeking interaction. They may have trouble initiating conversations, but it’s okay to come up and start a conversation with them. A white circle on a green background with the word “GREEN” beneath. Do I Know You?Continue reading “We Use Interaction Badges at Our Events”

The Sensory Hell of the Lunchroom

Needless to say, the dining hall, as well as being busy, crowded and a source of multiple odours, was also very noisy, as trays were picked up and clattered back down, cutlery jangled, and metal serving dishes clanged against metal hot plates. Meanwhile, the children, squeezed into rows of tiny seats bolted on to collapsibleContinue reading “The Sensory Hell of the Lunchroom”

May 2022, so far, at Stimpunks: New Pages for the Website

We started a Research page that opens with a spicy assessment of the status quo of autismAutistic ways of being are human neurological variants that can not be understood without the social model of disability.If you are wondering whether you are Autistic, spend time amongst Autistic people, online and offline.  If… studies, “Facts, Fire, and Feels: Research-Storytelling from the EdgesForContinue reading “May 2022, so far, at Stimpunks: New Pages for the Website”

Accommodations: Individualized Responses to Structural Design Problems

The accommodationsAccommodation is fundamentally about not changing the person but changing the environment around the person.Normal Sucks: Author Jonathan Mooney on How Schools Fail Kids with Learning Differences Yet on a programmatic… for natural human variation should be mutual. @laurenancona Yet on a programmatic basis, disability policy and other social programs remain enmeshed, even at theirContinue reading Accommodations: Individualized Responses to Structural Design Problems”

Back to Normal, Back to Inaccessible

Over on my personal blog, I wrote about the post-lockdown return to inaccessibility. “Autistic people have significant barriers to accessing safety.” Likewise physically disabledThe label “disabled” means so much to me. It means I have community. It means I have rights. It means I can be proud. It means I can affirm myself… people. LockdownContinue reading “Back to Normal, Back to Inaccessible”