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  • Profiting from Misery: When Autism Researchers Disregard Harms

    Attention to adverse outcomes was absent in almost all studies and inadequate in the remaining few: 139 (93%) did not even mention or allude to this possibility, 11 (7%) had cursory statements, and none indicated that adverse events were monitored, much less how. Scrutiny of the poorly reported reasons for participant withdrawal and of effect…

  • Back to Normal, Back to Inaccessible

    Over on my personal blog, I wrote about the post-lockdown return to inaccessibility. “Autistic people have significant barriers to accessing safety.” Likewise physically disabled people. Lockdown bettered accessibility and neurological pluralism, and thus safety, in myriad ways that are now disappearing. Source: Back to Normal, Back to Inaccessible – Ryan Boren