Profiting from Misery: When Autism Researchers Disregard Harms

Attention to adverse outcomes was absent in almost all studies and inadequate in the remaining few: 139 (93%) did not even mention or allude to this possibility, 11 (7%) had cursory statements, and none indicated that adverse events were monitored, much less how. Scrutiny of the poorly reported reasons for participant withdrawal and of effectContinue reading “Profiting from Misery: When Autism Researchers Disregard Harms”

Back to Normal, Back to Inaccessible

Over on my personal blog, I wrote about the post-lockdown return to inaccessibility. “Autistic people have significant barriers to accessing safety.” Likewise physically disabledThe label “disabled” means so much to me. It means I have community. It means I have rights. It means I can be proud. It means I can affirm myself… people. LockdownContinue reading “Back to Normal, Back to Inaccessible”