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The nonprofit professionals who consult us tell us we’re unique. They tell us we’re tearing down walls in philanthropy.

Here’s our pitch deck.

Pitch Deck

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Our Mission

Stimpunks Foundation is created by and for neurodivergent and disabled people. We provide mutual aid, learning opportunities, human-centered research, and living wages for our community. We presume competence, and we believe in self-determination.

The Need

One in four U.S. adults have a disability. However, our community receives only 2% of US grant funding, and only 19% of us are employed. We can’t just let that be the truth. We have to challenge the norm and change the narrative around people who are neurodivergent or disabled.

Our Programs

Learning Space: We create anti-ableist space for human-centered learning.

Open Research: We bring voice into empirical constructs and translate voice into academic comprehension.

Creator Grants: We pay creators to create. We fund art, advocacy, research, and more. We buy space to breathe and create.

Mutual Aid: Staying alive is a lot of work for a disabled person in an ableist society. We provide real help against the onslaught through mutual aid.