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The term “samefood” refers to the autistic tendency to eat the same food very frequently or even exclusively for days, weeks, even months at a time.

Samefood can be used as a noun or a verb. For example:

“Sour cream and onion chips are my samefood right now.”


“I don’t usually samefood much, but this past week I can’t stop eating spicy ramen.”

A samefood often needs to be prepared in a very specific way, eaten in a ritualistic manner, or may only be a specific brand.

Anything outside of these criteria is Not Right and does not satisfy the samefood need.

It is considered upsetting and tragic when someone else in the household eats your samefood without consulting you, or if you ask someone to buy you a particular brand and they bring home a different one instead.

Autistic folk will commiserate with each other over tragedies like this because to us they ARE tragedies and neurotypical people just don’t understand.

If you have ever made yourself sick bingeing on whipped cream or discovered that yes, you CAN eat too many pumpkin seeds, you’ll find no judgement in the autistic community.

We welcome you and your samefoods.

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There are no “picky eaters” at Stimpunks. We reframe “picky” as hypersensory. We like our samefoods for reasons. They are compatible with our heightened senses.

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