Irie Smial Preserve

Smiling frog on tree branch

The Irie Smial Preserve is set on wooded acreage in Texas Hill Country. Breezes sweep grassy hills dominated by heavy-limbed live oak trees. Spring erupts in vibrant seas of wildflowers that change color as each species gives stage to the next. It’s a pastoral setting with plenty of room for clapping, flapping, and stimming freely.


There is no public transport to the venue.

Ride shares don’t always come out here.

A minivan with a portable wheelchair lift is available for shuttling.


There is ample parking, though some of it is on grass.

Parking spots are unmarked.

There is room directly in front of the venue for loading and unloading wheelchairs.

Parking spots have plenty of room for wheelchair loading and unloading through the back or side of cars.

Doors, Entrances

All doors are 36″.

The front porch has two steps totaling 12″ high with a 6′ long ramp over them.

Porch with two steps and an aluminum ramp over them

A 6′ ramp for a 12″ rise meets residential code in the USA, but not commercial code. You can feel the extra steepness of residential versus commercial code in your core muscles as you ascend a ramp steeper than the recommended 1:12 slope.

Ramp runs shall have a running slope not steeper than 1:12.

405.2 Slope: ADA Accessibility Standards (enhanced single file version)


  • 4 Adjustable task chairs
  • Two couches with four seats each
  • Adirondack style plastic chairs are spread around the various patios
  • A patio table with 6 chairs
  • 3 bar stools at the kitchen counter
  • 4 dining chairs at the kitchen table


Kitchen countertops are bar height and not wheelchair friendly.

Tray tables adjusted to wheelchair height and easily pulled toward you are available.


All lights are on dimmers.

There is no fluorescent lighting. All bulbs are dimmable warm white LEDs.

No perfumes or air fresheners are used.

Air purifiers with carbon filtration capture smells.

The downstairs bathroom is a low stimulation quiet space.


Two dogs and a cat live here.


CO2 levels are 600 – 1000.

There are five HEPA air purifiers in the house.

Windows have air exchangers on them for exhausting stale air and bringing in fresh air.


The downstairs bathroom has a 36″ door and is wheelchair accessible.

There is room to directly pull a wheelchair up to the sink and countertop instead of having to park sideways.

The door out swings.

The shower is not fully curbless, but has a low profile curb and room for a wheelchair transfer.

The shower has a shower chair.

Shower controls are at seated height.

Lights turn on automatically to 40% brightness. A dimmer switch provides control.

The faucet is motion activated.


A fully equipped residential kitchen can cater to most needs. Folks with vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free diets live here. Hypersensory autistic people with food sensitivities live here. Your allergies, restrictions, and preferences will be taken seriously and respected.

Access to the Outdoors

A covered porch provides immediate access to the outdoors in all weather. There is never more than two doors between you and the outside, and they are all 36″.

Three fenced acres provide safe room to stim and play.

Caves, Campfires, and Watering Holes

There are three lockable quiet spaces.

Mobility Aids

A rollator and a manual wheelchair are available.

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome and respected.


Experienced care workers are available to help.


Pool and Patio

Access to the backyard where the pool and patio are located is via a stone path and a sidewalk with a transition.

A flagstone pathway intersects tangentially with a concrete side walk. A rubber threshold ramp transitions between the two surfaces.
A threshold ramp transitions between surfaces

There is a sharp right turn to make around the column to get to the backyard. This can be awkward in a wheelchair.

The pool is above ground and not particularly accessible.

Disc Golf

The disc golf course is all natural surface that is mostly wheelchair navigable, with some rough areas that are a challenge for wheelchair users.

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