Calendar on another planet

Add Event to Calendar

Create Event in WordPress

  • Create a new Event in WordPress
  • Give it a title such as “Lunch and Learn at Hat Creek Burger”
  • Fill in the “Event Date Time” block
  • Add a descriptive paragraph
  • Set price to 0 in “Event Price” block
  • Set “Event Organizer” block to Stimpunks Foundation
  • Add venue details to “Event Venue” block
  • Make sure there is an “Event Sharing” block
  • Create an RSVP in the RSVP block
  • Set a header image, such as a photo of the venue
  • Set an Event Category
  • Preview the event page
  • Publish the event page

Add Event to Events Google Calendar

  • Visit the published event page
  • Copy the event page link
  • Scroll down to “Add to calendar”
  • Select “Google Calendar”
  • Make sure you’re signed into Google Calendar with your account
  • Set the calendar to “Stimpunks Events”
  • Copy the event page link into the notes
  • Press “Save”
  • Verify the event is on the Stimpunks Events calendar in your calendar apps