Grabber tool

Reaching, Gripping, Grabbing, Fastening, Finding, Opening, Lighting

Reaching, Gripping, Grabbing

Reaching Tool

Grabber tool

Our Ettore Grip’n Grab: Multi-Purpose Reach Tool with Rotating Rubber Grip Head has held up.

  • Rotating head
  • Rubber jaws delicate enough to adjust the speed control on our table fan
  • Lightweight

Telescoping Back Scratcher

My Cactus Scratcher is life-changing. It telescopes down into a belly bag, so I can scratch my back anytime!

Person scratching back with bright green back scratcher.


Cane Holders

We put Crutcheze Cane Holders on our canes and grabbers so we can hang them anywhere.

Tracking and Finding

Tile Trackers

One black rectangular tile tracker and 1 white rectangular tile tracker.

Medications and chronic pain can increase distractibility and impact cognition. I attach Tile trackers to keys, canes, headphones, purses, and bags. I attach one to the key leash of the belly bag. Searching for necessary coping tools while grimacing with pain is frustrating and dispiriting. Tile trackers provide a comforting cognitive net.

Double pressing the button on the Tiles rings your phone. With a Tile on my belly bag (as well as on my headphones and canes), I’m always able to summon my phone from its hiding places in the depths of couches and bedding.

Eyeglass Chains

Tiles are too big to put on eyeglasses. Luckily, there’s a great, no-tech eyeglass locating technology: eyeglass chains. Put chains on your glasses and stop wondering where you set them down.

As I became more presbyopic, I found myself losing track of my glasses because I’d take them off to read and see up close. Putting my eyeglasses on a chain has saved me a lot of frustrated searching.

I get my chains from Heavenly Chains.

Crystal Butterfly Eyeglass Chain
Crystal Butterfly Eyeglass Chain by Heavenly Chains

Cutting and Opening

Utility Knives and Scissors

A good utility knife and a good pair of scissors assist package opening chores and household cutting. In our dyspraxic, repetitive-strain-wracked household, we cut instead of pull, rip, and tear. The Wirecutter recommendations for utility knife and kitchen scissors have served us well.

Red Milwaukee utility knife.
A pair of scissors with a black handle.


Task Lighting

Stimpunks includes some flashlight and home automation geeks. We’re always on the look out for lighting that is accessible to use and maintain and doesn’t induce sensory overwhelm or fatigue.

We’ve standardized on Olight for portable lighting. Their magnetic charging is convenient enough to make the difference between a light being charged and ready to go or not. The lights magnetically attach to a growing ecosystem of chargers.

Black flashlight with blue accents.

The Olight Baton 3 is our everyday carry (EDC) flashlight of choice.

  • Magnetic charging
  • Magnetic tail
  • Tail stands
  • Pocketable size
  • Sturdy, stimmy, two-way clip
  • Approachable UI
  • Firefly mode
  • Turbo mode
  • Memory
  • Stimmy texture
  • Wears nicely for Boba Factor

Baton 3 Rechargeable EDC Flashlight 1200 lumen with charger – Olight Store

We use OLIGHT Obulbs as backlights for our laptops, ambient lighting, and task lighting. Ryan uses them every day when working in the early AM from bed. He puts one behind his laptop sitting on a bed desk to act as a backlight. He puts one on the bedside table to provide ambient lighting gentle enough not to wake others.

  • Magnetic charging
  • Magnetic base
  • Approachable UI
  • Available in multi-color, motion sensing, and Bluetooth controlled versions

Obulb Wireless Light Bulb for Outdoor & Camping – Olight Store

A small light in a bulb shape.

An Olamp Nightour sits on our bedside table.

  • Warm white and rainbow ambiance
  • Detachable spot reading light that turns on and off with a click or with a shake
  • Small footprint

Olamp Nightour Dimmable LED&Ambient Table Lamp – Olight Store

We pop our Baton 3 and Obulbs on OLIGHT Omino 4-port magnetic chargers. So convenient.

Omino 4-Port Magnetic Flashlight Charger – Olight Store

A black rectangular shaped charging dock for o light products with 4 charging ports.

Room Lighting

We want warm white. The warm glow effect dimmable bulbs from Philips shift color temperature as they dim, from 2200 to 2700-kelvin, like an incandescent does. We find soft, warm white light on dimmers to be broadly pleasing and sensory compatible.

Technology Connections offers this warm ode to warm glow.

Note: these bulbs have an uncertain future and aren’t as efficient as the competition. Look for the Title 20 versions of the bulbs with a CRI over 90.

Patrons of the channel have uncovered some more info which… makes the future look less bright. It looks like Home Depot is indeed no longer going to stock these in-store and is clearancing out what remains. Whether they’ll continue to sell them online is unclear. Confounding things, these aren’t state-of-the-art when it comes to their efficiency. I mean, it’s still very good if you ask me! Near 100 lumens per watt, but they’re eclipsed by newer bulbs. In markets which rate bulbs by their efficiency these look worse compared to their peers. There’s also some speculation that these don’t meet certain regulatory requirements for light quality. That I’m unsure of because the rated CRI of the product line varies, with many achieving 90. In any case, I would think Philips could update this product line to be more efficient and meet whatever other requirements might be needed, but I’m afraid there’s little reason for them to do it. Kicking and scream I shall be, a little bit.

Is Philips discontinuing their coolest warmest product? – YouTube
A box containing a smart dimmer starter kit for light switches.

We like our lights warm and on dimmers. The Lutron Caseta smart wireless dimmer ecosystem is the gold standard in home lighting automation. We have lots of home automation experience, and Lutron Caseta has proven itself. Caseta is the best choice we made in our smart homes. Being able to adjust lighting with voice, app, or Pico remotes is an accessibility boon.

  • Reliable
  • Responsive
  • Compatible with all major voice assistants

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