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I can’t hold a phone, tablet, or e-reader for long without hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, and neck pain. I can’t use a laptop unless it’s positioned just right. So, I articulate all the things. I spend a lot of time in the supine; articulated tablet, laptop, and e-reader holders are a must.

Rolling Floor Stands

We have three LEVO Deluxe iPad Floor Stands that have survived years of continuous abuse. They are tough and stable. The kids use the arms as stim toys for fidgeting feet and even ride them around the house like scooters. These stands have held up through all of our indelicate attentions.

Rolling floor stand holding tablet next to chair

I roll these up next to the bed or couch whenever I’m spending time on my phone or e-reader. Not using them is to invite pain.

Monitor Arms

I clamp an Ergotron LX Tall Pole LCD Arm to my bedside table. It is fitted with an extension arm and a laptop tray. This provides the articulation I need to find a comfortable repose whether watching TV or sitting up against my reading pillow and typing.

Monitor arm holding screen

I love this arm. It hovers my laptop over me in bed, making work possible.

Consult Wirecutter’s monitor arm review for options.

Gooseneck Phone Holders

Gooseneck phone holders aren’t so great for actually using your phone while mounted. They jiggle too much. However, when watching a movie in a hotel room where I don’t have my floor stand, they save a lot of pain. I clip one to my bedside table and throw it in a tote bag when I travel.

We like the “SAIJI One-Hand Angle Adjustment Phone Stand Desk Mount” because it combines a firm gooseneck with a rod at the end that easily tilts and rotates, addressing a hassle with traditional goosenecks.

Gooseneck arm holding a phone

Pillow Stands

I’m always looking for ways to save pain while using my phone in bed. Often, neither focal range on my bifocals is comfortable for reading because neck and shoulder pain limit the positions in which I can hold a phone. In such moments, I take off my glasses and put my phone on a SAIJI Pillow Stand perched on my chest. This way, I can position my phone exactly where I need it to accommodate both my eyes and my neck.

We love SAIJI’s pillow stands.

Pillow stand holding a phone

Hands-Free Smartphone Neck Mount

This cheap hand-free smartphone neckmount on Five Below saved a Stimpunk a lot of pain during recovery from back surgery.


Overbed Bedside Tables

Our overbed bedside table with electric height adjustment was life-changing for working from bed.

Overbed table with height adjustment

Bed Desks

The SAIJI bed table is big, stable, and easy to adjust.

Bed desk covered with office supplies

Pillow Desks

When we don’t need to get out the big bed desk, we use this pillow desk.

Pillow desk holding tablet

Tray Tables

We roll our wheelchairs up to these tray tables.

Folding tray table

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