Concert poster for Free Fest ATX Day 3, Presented by Vancerts and Stimpunks, Featuring The Bobby Lees and Forty Feet Tall

Stimpunks and Vancerts Presents: The Bobby Lees and Forty Feet Tall

The music of The Bobby Lees resonates with my neurodivergent life and neurology. I love this band so much. When Stimpunks got the chance to help secure a venue for them during SxSW, we jumped at it. Thanks, Vancerts, for including us. Thanks, Cryptic Creative, for the connection.

Stimpunks and Vancerts Presents: The Bobby Lees and Forty Feet Tall

Free Fest ATX Day Three

The Bobby Lees

This is Pure stim music

3 seconds in, I lost my shit and straight into head banging

A Neurodivergent CriP
The Bobby Lees performing live on stage with the lead singer captured mid head swing. Image Credit: Kyle Duce

This’ll get your juices flowing.

We feature The Bobby Lees on our Mission page in the Keep on Livin’ section.

The work we do here at Stimpunks can be wildly painful. The songs in Keep on Livin’ help me process pain and emerge into hope. Keep on Livin’ concludes with the affecting “Last Song”.

I watch you dancin' and
I watch you cry
I watch you look up and
Scream out why
Oh now my dear you got
So much to give
I heard them talkin' and
You're gonna live
So hold me closer and
Hold me tight
A little closer till we're
Into the night
Cause you and I we've got
So much to give
I heard them talkin' and
We're gonna live
That's right
It's alright

— Last Song, The Bobby Lees

Forty Feet Tall

I’m new to Forty Feet Tall, but I like ’em a lot and am exploring their catalog in preparation for the show.

Cryptic Creative

There will also be a live painting by our friend and ally Cryptic Creative.

Raised between the San Juan Mountains of Colorado and a small farming community in Wisconsin, Kyle gained an appreciation of the land, wildlife and the beauty of nature.  Kyle grew up as a 3rd generation artist, his grandfather was an oil painter and his mother ran a stained glass business out of their home in Wisconsin.  There was no shortage of art projects, outdoor activities, hunting, fishing, camping and gardening.  Post college, Kyle traveled and moved back to Colorado, Seattle and now Austin.  He has been living in downtown cities since college.  The clash of these two timelines reflects the duality expression in most of his work. This duality can also be seen through his passion for the skate, snow, music, tattoo and architecture world.

Custom Artwork | Cryptic Creative | Austin
Kyle Duce (@cryptic_creative) • Instagram photos

Crank This Up

To conclude, crank this up and stim dance your ass off.

Stimpunks, Vancerts, and Cryptic Creative Logos arranged in a grid






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