Additions to Our Philosophy on Tech Ethics, Algorithmic Oppression, Power, Accommodations, Accessibility, Care, Inclusion, Diagnosis, and Reframing

Our philosophy page collects quotes we steer by. They are compasses and stars that align us on our mission. We recently added quotes on tech ethics, algorithmic oppression, power, accommodations, accessibility, care, inclusion, diagnosis, and reframing.

The accommodations for natural human variation should be mutual.

Affordability is a part of accessibility.

We need a counterculture of care.

We must not allow pressure for resilience to permit broken systems to persist.

Reframing is self-care and social change.

In politics our frames shape our social policies and the institutions we form to carry out policies. To change our frames is to change all of this. Reframing is social change.

When we successfully reframe public discourse, we change the way the public sees the world. We change what counts as common sense. Because language activates frames, new language is required for new frames. Thinking differently requires speaking differently.

The ALL NEW Don’t Think of an Elephant!: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate

Self diagnosis is not just “valid” — it is liberatory. When we define our community ourselves and wrest our right to self-definition back from the systems that painted us as abnormal and sick, we are powerful, and free.

The lens of power can really help us see what’s going on.

What ‘Cancel Culture’ Ignores About Free Speech

Name the systems of power.

Inclusivity involves looking at a space and seeing all the ways it’s set up to benefit those in power.

And then redesigning and resetting that space to support, affirm, and amplify marginalized folks.

Requiring diagnosis was counter to trans liberation and acceptance. The exact same is true of Autism.

Self diagnosis is not just “valid” — it is liberatory.

Technology should create opportunity, not deny it.

In Our Tech Reckoning, People with Disabilities are Demanding a Reckoning of their Own



1979 IBM Presentation

Like gods, these mathematical models were opaque, their workings invisible to all but the highest priests in their domain: mathematicians and computer scientists. Their verdicts, even when wrong or harmful, were beyond dispute or appeal. And they tended to punish the poor and the oppressed in our society, while making the rich richer.

Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy
What's the problem with my genius?
Too attached to ever leave it
Silent for the new achievement but
What I long to witness is the equal shift
Of lifted gadgetry to intuition by
Genius giving up its selfish tact
And bringing praise of spirit back (Hey)
Pay respect upon the debt incurred
By non-belief when soul was speaking
Called simplistic by a name familiar to
Those regulars who think intelligence a competition
Missing opportunity to be a real show embarrassment
The care is not
The care is NOT spewing tools to ax the problem
Rather asking have or how they aptly solve themselves
What if love said: Hear me out a bit before the future comes around
This isn't anger, no, it's passion so let's live the way we should
As if we existed

"As If We Existed" by Solillaquists of Sound

Header image credit: Adriel Jeremiah Art


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