Additions to Our Philosophy on Accessibility, Reframing, Human Variance, Accommodation, Ableism, and Harm

Our Mission and Philosophy page collects acquired phrases that we steer by. They are compasses and stars that align us on our mission.

The latest additions:

Accessibility is a collective process!

Source: Riah Person

Reframe these states of being that have been labelled deficiencies or pathologies as human differences.

We need to have universally designed systems designed around the reality of human variance opposed to the myth of human sameness.

It’s not a problem in the person; it’s not a problem with the difference; it’s a problem in the interaction between a difference and a context built for the myth that we should all be the same.

Accommodation is fundamentally about not changing the person but changing the environment around the person.

Elevate ableism as one of the injustices of our world.

Source: Normal Sucks: Author Jonathan Mooney on How Schools Fail Kids with Learning Differences

We make things that help people, and we won’t make things that harm people.

Source: Our Work – Coforma

Create more anti-ableist spaces. Let’s act to hold ALL spaces accountable for providing care and access to disabled folks with all types of bodies and minds.

Source: Jen White-Johnson





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