Additions to Our Philosophy on Bodyminds, Asking for Help, Community, and Shame

We updated our philosophy page with additions on bodyminds, asking for help, community, and shame.

Asking for help is a wonderful way to build community & engage in meaningful collaboration.

In asking for help you also uplift others who want to show up for you.

Source: Just a reminder that asking for help is a contribution

What I have always been hoping to accomplish is the creation of community.

Community is magic.

Community is power.

Community is resistance.

Source: Disability Visibility: First Person Stories from the 21st Century

Mind is an embodied phenomenon.

Source: Toward a Neuroqueer Future: An Interview with Nick Walker | Autism in Adulthood

Shame is not a weapon. Shame is toxic. It is the difference between “sorry I did” and “sorry I am.”

Source: Shame is not a Weapon. – Love Learning by Debra Kidd

Published by Ryan Boren

#ActuallyAutistic parent and retired tech worker. Equity literate education, respectfully connected parenting, passion-based learning, indie ed-tech, neurodiversity, social model of disability, design for real life, inclusion, open web, open source. he/they

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