The Five Neurodivergent Love Languages

We love this fun tweet on the five neurodivergentNeurodivergent, sometimes abbreviated as ND, means having a mind that functions in ways which diverge significantly from the dominant societal standards of “normal.”NEURODIVERSITY: SOME BASIC TERMS & DEFINITIONS Neurodivergent is quite… love languages from the always insightful Myth. The five neurodivergent love languages: infodumpingHaving a special interest isContinue reading “The Five Neurodivergent Love Languages”

Autism in Care Settings: Managing Sensory Load

Ann Memmott’s piece on “Useful New Autism Info for Care Settings” lists• Progress in human understanding has become increasingly complex and overwhelming.• Checklists help prevent serious but easily avoidable mistakes.• Checklists should be as short as possible, include all essential steps… four great resources on accommodating autismAutistic ways of being are human neurological variants that can notContinue reading Autism in Care Settings: Managing Sensory Load”

20 reasons why I (an autistic person) am stressed pretty much constantly…

Pete Wharmby is one of our favorite neurodiversityNeurodiversity is the diversity of human minds, the infinite variation in neurocognitive functioning within our species.NEURODIVERSITY: SOME BASIC TERMS & DEFINITIONS Neurodiversity is a biological fact. It’s not a perspective, an approach, a… advocates and consultants. We are happy to support his work and recommend adding him to your personal learningContinue reading “20 reasons why I (an autistic person) am stressed pretty much constantly…”