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JNL Barbecue

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JNL Barbecue is located at 2027 E. Cesar Chavez St.


  • There are 3 total doorways to access the inside of the store. On the left side (if you are facing the front of the building), there are two double doors that in total are 70” wide. There is no button for it to automatically open, but the doors aren’t heavy. There are no steps or bumps in front of this door.
  • Then there is a single door in the front of the store that is 35” wide, but there are two 8” steps that you must go up to access this doorway. There is also a front porch area with chairs and tables, but you have to either go up the stairs or through the store to access this. (Could we use a foldable ramp here?)
  • The last door is on the right side of the building, but it is broken and doesn’t open fully, and would also be in the way during the show, so we will keep that door locked for safety reasons.
  • Both bathroom doorways are 35”


There are 6 parking spots in the lot attached to the store. 1 of them is handicap. The bands will be able to park/load in behind that store. There is a ton of street parking all around the venue, so that or rideshare will be people’s easiest options. We drove into the neighborhood a bit, and there were no signs indicating you can’t park there.


  • There are two bathrooms total. One is gender neutral and has a toilet and urinal. This is also the handicap accessible bathroom.
  • The other bathroom is labeled as “Womens” and has two separate stalls in it, but one of them (The handicap stall) is out of order.

Caves, Campfires, and Watering Holes: Access to Quiet Space and Outdoor Space

  • For a sensory escape room, we can use the inside of the store. There is an area near the front, but out of the crowded areas that has tables and chairs. This would be a good space to go to escape sensory overload. There is also a porch in the front with tables and chairs if someone prefers to be outside. Lastly, there are 4-5 picnic tables in the parking lot were the 2 other food trucks are. This can also be a good space to go if someone needs a break.
  • The event itself is outside. If inside the store, it takes one door to get to the outside. The side door by the parking lot, or the front door.
  • There is covered outdoor space in the front porch area, and the area were the show will be has partial covering.
  • There isn’t immediate access to greenspace. You can walk more towards the neighborhood to access greenspace if needed. The store is on a corner, and the neighborhood is right next to it.
  • Yes, there will be areas that we can utilize as caves, campfires, and watering holes. We will have our own snack and water area set up, but there is an entire convenient store inside if people would like more options. Caves can be the indoor tables and chairs area, and campfires could be the front porch. We can also adjust this as needed.
  • There is room to stim and pace on the left side of the store (outdoors) and also in the front on the sidewalk area (its super wide). You can also Stim and pace inside the store in the aisles or where there is room, but I also don’t want to be in the way of customers, so outside may be better.


  • The indoor lighting is fluorescent, but the outside lights are a warm tone.
  • The lighting is not dimmable, but we may be able to turn some of the lights off if needed.
  • There is natural light. The majority of the outdoor space is covered, so there is plenty of shade accessible.
  • We did not see any no smoking signs (other than right by the doors), but it is a place people eat.


  • There are 3 different food options. JNL BBQ, Everest food truck, and C Spot food truck.
  • JNL Barbecue has BBQ and some different side options that do not have meat in them.
  • Everest food truck is Indian and Nepali cuisine. They also have a cheeseburger, hot dogs, and tacos, chicken nuggets and salads. So there are a lot of options there.
  • C Spot food truck is Mexican food.
  • The convenience store inside has your typical gas station snacks.
  • As far as food allergens, the convenience store has peanut snacks.


  • We will mainly be outside, so we will have natural ventilation. There are outdoor fans (4) on the side area where the show will be.
  • There are no allergens like dogs/cats.
  • Yes, the HVAC is maintained.
  • Masking is not required.


There is no designated smoking or vaping area.

Cognitive/ Communication

There are not signs showing where the bathroom is.