Six Things Educators Must Know About Neurodivergent People

Here are six things we think every educator must know about neurodivergent people. By understanding these, we make “all means all” more meaningful.

Spiky Profiles
Double Empathy Problem
Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria
Exposure Anxiety
Situational Mutism

R-word and Genius: Situationally Mute Hyperlexic Autistic

When I was a kid, school didn’t know I could read because I wouldn’t read aloud. Situational mutism I am situationally mute. For anyone that isn’t aware of what that is, it simply means that in certain situations, places or around certain people I don’t want to and… and exposure anxietyExposure anxiety (EA) is a conditionContinue reading “R-word and Genius: Situationally Mute Hyperlexic Autistic”

The Neurodivergent Experience in Josephmooon’s “So Far So Good”

Our own Ronan released an album. Ronan is lyricist for Josephmooon. You can read the story of their distributed collaboration on their blog: josephmooon explained more backstory “How to write a song” Mooonmemories These songs resonate with my autisticAutistic ways of being are human neurological variants that can not be understood without the social model of disability.If youContinue reading “The Neurodivergent Experience in Josephmooon’s “So Far So Good””