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Changelog: Updated and New on for Calendar Week 10, March 2023


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Judith Huemann

The disability rights movement lost one of its pioneers. Judith Heumann is now a disabled ancestor. From Camp Jened to the 504 sit-in to serving as the first Special Advisor on International Disability Rights, Judy was a leader and a badass.

Watch Crip Camp to see her in action.

I wanna see a feisty group of disabled people around the world…if you don’t respect yourself and if you don’t demand what you believe in for yourself, you’re not gonna get it.

Judith Heumann

Even Cowboys Can Cry

Friend of Stimpunks Aubrey Hays just released their Tiny Desk entry for 2023: “Even Cowboys Can Cry”:

This song is for anyone who has had to brave a long and lonesome road. For those of us who have had to be “cowboys” at one time or another.

Aubrey got props on Tiny Desk Top Shelf last year for their entry, “Love Didn’t Hurt You”:

iLe: “Jeff Buckley vibe that takes you somewhere else. Like a caress.”

Bob Boilen: “I wanted to be on the porch.”

Love Didn’t Hurt You – Tiny Desk Contest Entry 2022:

We added “Even Cowboys Can Cry” to our Mission page.

It’s time to stop giving homework

Our friends and allies at Human Restoration Project released a popular video on homework. Neurodivergent and disabled people shared their experiences in the comments.

It’s time to stop giving homework – YouTube

Learn About Neurodiversity at School

We updated our “Fix Injustice, Not Kids” page with a new video on the LEANS project (Learning About Neurodiversity at School) from Ferrous.

Good Day by Holistic Think Tank

Holistic Think Tank released a “documentary about shades of education around the world and the universal need to change the way of teaching towards a holistic education, immersed in humanistic values.”

The video features friend of Stimpunks Antonio Buehler of Abrome.

The best way to convince people isn’t to argue with them. It’s just to create something else… Be a project that serves as an example of what’s possible.

Antonio Buehler in “Holistic Think Tank | Good Day

Thus Abrome and thus Stimpunks.

The ADHD Nervous System: An explanation of why we act the way we do.

We expanded our popular ADHD/KCS guide with selections from “The ADHD Nervous System: An explanation of why we act the way we do.

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