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Youth Suicides Are Closely Tied With In-Person School Attendance

“The findings of this study suggest that youth suicides are closely tied with in-person school attendance.”

In-Person Schooling and Youth Suicide: Evidence from School Calendars and Pandemic School Closures | NBER

The findings of this study align with experiences in our communities of neurodivergent and disabled people, where we reframe “school refusal” as “school-induced anxiety”. Bullying is only a part of the problem.

We have autistic children who need us to support them as architects of their own liberation against the schools and clinicians and institutions and police and prosecutors who would crush and destroy them.


We elaborate on the problems in “Education Access: We’ve Turned Classrooms Into a Hell for Neurodivergence” and “The Need: Anti-Ableist Space for Human-Centered Learning“.

The number of autistic young people who stop attending mainstream schools appears to be rising.

My research suggests these absent pupils are not rejecting learning but rejecting a setting that makes it impossible for them to learn.

We need to change the circumstances.

Walk in My Shoes – The Donaldson Trust


Suicidology update: School closures & Child suicide

These economists *really* analyse the data in technical ways to demonstrate the key point i made way back:

Child suicide dropped tremendously when “school shutdowns highest,” & increased when schools opened


People who follow me are used to this data, of course, but they ran it statistically to correspond at the county level to foot traffic, school foot traffic, seasonality, and in a number of covariates like race and method.

they posit a bullying/school stress hypothesis


The net effect until the last possible month we can measure (May 2022)?

Child suicides:

  • have not increased since the pandemic
  • decreased sharply during the period of strongest school closures
  • are strongly associated with school attendance
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  1. dephinia Avatar

    “You who build the altars now
    To sacrifice these children
    You must not do it anymore
    A scheme is not a vision
    You never have been tempted
    By a demon or a god

    “You who stand above them now
    Your hatchets blunt and bloody
    You were not there before
    When I lay upon a mountain
    And my father’s hand was trembling
    With the beauty of the word” –‘Story of Isaac’ by Leonard Cohen (my favorite cover is Suzanne Vega’s)

    (There’s something about power, hierarchies, the multilevel marketing scheme of academia, that’s like an itch out of reach of articulating, in my brain. But a mountain is shaped like a pyramid, and there were stepped pyramids, and the image of a small being climbing up to sacrifice another small being to a paternalistic figure high above… all this aches in the bones of my thoughts.)

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