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Changelog: Updated and New on for Calendar Weeks 11 and 12, March 2023

We made lots of changes to our front page in an attempt to retain the “bold, open, friendly, generous” and “cozy, playful, wonder-filled” and “cool, creative, inviting, joyful” feels while avoiding information overload that is way too much for many folks. We moved some stuff, pruned some stuff, and made more use of accordions to allow progressive information disclosure at the reader’s pace.

We added a “Navigating Our Website” section that sets context and expectation:

We use scrollytelling to tell our stories on this website. Our pages can be long, but we present the important information at the top in plain language. Scrolling down is a bonus journey. If you made it this far, you’ve got the gist of what we want to say. Scrolling further continues our story.

This site is like Wikipedia because it effectively is an encyclopedia. It’s chock full of answers and knowledge and experience on living in this world as neurodivergent and disabled people. Learn about yourself. Learn about your family. Learn about your friends, co-workers, patients, and students. We offer lots of free resources for navigating our current society and building a more inclusive society. We offer validation for thirsty souls yearning to be seen, heard, and understood. We offer words on your behalf, ones which call out to include you. We offer community and belonging.

There are almost a thousand pages to explore. Our glossarylibrarycourses, and field guide are vast. Here’s a map. Here are some mind maps with clickable/tappable nodes.

We love hyperlinksThe hyperlink is our most potent weapon in the fight against disinformation.It’s time we brought back the hyperlink and learned how to really use it. It’s time we used information… More and use them extensively. We consider them a kindness to the reader and a potent weapon in the fight against disinformation. Many of our links open up inline definition boxes when you hover over them with a mouse or tap them on a touch screen. The links that open definition boxes are bolded.

Content warning: Our website includes music, lyrics, writing, and art that address ableism, eugenics, exclusion, mental health, depression, dysphoria, behaviorism, abuse, chronic pain, chronic illness, and death. There are a few swear words in quoted materials. Also included is an outpouring of neurodivergent and disabled perspective, culture, and joy.

We invite you to keep on scrolling. Art, music, poetry, and prose from our community of neurodivergent and disabled people await. However, if you’d like to skip to other parts of our website, here are some buttons to popular destinations.

1 new blog post.
8 updated pages.
2 new Field Guide pages.
4 updated Field Guide pages.
1 new glossary entry.
1 updated glossary entry.

New blog posts

Updated pages

New Field Guide pages

Updated Field Guide pages

New glossary entries

Updated glossary entries






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