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Tech Workers: Is Autistic Conversion Therapy, ABA, in Your Company’s Ad Stock?

We autistic people helped build these tech platforms and companies and the collaboration cultures they run on. Is ABA, autistic conversion therapy, in the ad stock at the companies and platforms we poured our lives into? Almost universally, yes.

ABA ads are everywhere. YouTube videos that we embed on Stimpunks.org pages warning about ABA have ABA ads on them. It’s a systemic problem that neurodiversity and disability advocates face on every platform.

Why is ABA bad? Our glossary goes into detail on the problems with radical behaviorism. None of us should be in the business of behaviorism.

Trainers are rejecting behaviorism because it harms animals emotionally and psychologically. What does that say about classrooms that embrace it?

This “science-driven” mantra has been seen before through eugenics.

Therefore, eugenics is an erasure of identity through force, whereas radical behaviorism is an erasure of identity through “correction.” This all assumes a dominant culture that one strives to unquestionably maintain.

Empty Pedagogy, Behaviorism, and the Rejection of Equity

Queer and neurodivergent liberation are entwined. If you wouldn’t run ads for gay conversion therapy, you shouldn’t run ads for autistic conversion therapy.

…plenty of autistic people are LGBTQ and experience a double portion of discrimination. The desire to eliminate the traits that make autistic people unique is rooted in the same impulse to suppress people from affirming their gender identity or sexuality.

We’re Not Broken: Changing the Autism Conversation

Learn about the shared history of gay and autistic conversion therapy in “🌈🌈 Neurodiversity and Gender: You Hit So Hard With All the Colors That There Are”.

We built these cities. Stop advertising for our abuse and eradication using what we made.

None of us should be in the business of behaviorism.





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