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  • Sensory Kit on a Clip

    Sensory Kit on a Clip

    Our sensory kit on a clip consists of: Check out these autistic odes to noise-cancelling headphones. They imply a lot about neurology and how misguided behaviorism is. The thesis that introduced neurodiversity to academia called computers an “essential prosthetic device for autistics“. That they are. A decent set of noise-cancelling headphones is another essential device. I remember my first…

  • Changelog: Nature and Multiple Multisensory Rooms

    Changelog: Nature and Multiple Multisensory Rooms

    We updated “☀️💪 Offline: Fresh Air, Daylight, and Large Muscle Movement” and “Neuroception and Sensory Load: Our Complex Sensory Experiences” with selections from “Multiple Multisensory Rooms: Myth Busting the Magic” and “Sensory Experiences – Sensory Trust”. One of the most powerful features of a multisensory room is the ability to control the lighting. Multiple Multisensory…

  • Stimpunks Guide to the NeurodiVerse Issue #2: Healthcare Access

    Stimpunks Guide to the NeurodiVerse Issue #2: Healthcare Access

    This issue gathers recent research on healthcare access for autistic people. These studies confirm autistic common knowledge about our healthcare accessibility struggles and how to ameliorate them.

  • Autism in Care Settings: Managing Sensory Load

    Ann Memmott’s piece on “Useful New Autism Info for Care Settings” lists four great resources on accommodating autism in care settings, including two of our favorites: “It’s Not Rocket Science” and “Experience of Trauma and PTSD Symptoms in Autistic Adults”. This is a list of useful research papers and Commissioned documents that have changed how…

  • The Neurodivergent Experience in Josephmooon’s “So Far So Good”

    Our own Ronan released an album. Ronan is lyricist for Josephmooon. You can read the story of their distributed collaboration on their blog: josephmooon explained more backstory “How to write a song” Mooonmemories These songs resonate with my autistic, bipolar, and disabled life. I’m super excited to add them to my favorite playlist, Chronic Neurodivergent…