A Sound That Turns the Mountains Into Sand

When bigots have got me down and I need to scream and air guitar it out, I turn to Screaming Females, my favorite powerThe 20th Century political scientist Karl Deutsch said, “Power is the ability not to have to learn.”I quote this statement often, because I think it’s one of the most important… trio ofContinue reading “A Sound That Turns the Mountains Into Sand”

Smoking Secrets

by Betsy Selvam Content Note: genderDue both to their ability to denaturalize social norms and to their neurological differences, autistic individuals can offer novel insights into gender as a social process. Examining gender from an… dysphoria I. I muster enough courage to smoke — a sin I’ve smelled only on mouths of men until IContinue reading “Smoking Secrets”

Missed in Childhood: Nearly All Autistic and ADHD Women

Our results indicate that there may be a substantial group of patients with ASD and other NDDs that are missed in childhood.  Neurodevelopmental disorders and comorbidity in young adults attending a psychiatric outpatient clinic – ScienceDirect Almost two thirds (63%) of the study group met criteria for ADHDADHD or what I prefer to call KineticContinue reading “Missed in Childhood: Nearly All Autistic and ADHD Women”