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Dreamland is a challenge for wheelchair users. The road up from the parking area and lobby up to the second level is steep and made of gravel. The path from the second level up to the stage on the third level is a fairly steep concrete sidewalk. All of the paths up are a challenge for manual wheelchairs and some power wheelchairs.

There is alternative and better access to the stage via a road marked private. Drive up the road from the parking lot and look for this gate.

Use this the gate to get behind the stage.

Open the gate and pull in for loading and unloading.

Parking area for a couple cars next to bathrooms. These bathrooms have steps up.

There’s parking for a couple cars just inside the gate. Stay clear of the bathrooms. If the parking spots are occupied, there is more parking across the road behind the stage.

The slope down from the parking area to the stage area.

From the gravel parking area is a concrete slope down to the entrance to the stage area.

The slope to get up to the stage from the second level. It’s steep enough to be a challenge for manual wheelchairs.

That’s the stage from the view of the slope up. Nice big artificial turf area once you get there.

There are bathrooms to the green room area behind the stage, but wheelchair access requires going back out to the private gravel road.

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