Irie Smial Preserve

The Irie Smial Preserve is a private home set on threes acres in Texas Hill Country.


To access the property, roll up to the keypad on the left as you approach the red gate. Use the gate code provided when invited. The keypad is at car window height and is also accessible from a wheelchair.

The gate is on a timer. Pull all the way through and past the gate before it closes.


The driveway is a big circle. For wheelchair loading and unloading, park on the circle right out in front the house. Grass areas are also available for parking.


There is a ramp onto the front porch. The ramp slope is 1:6, steeper than commercial recommendations, and at the residential max.

The ramp has side bumpers but does not have hand rails.

All downstairs doorways are at least 36 inches.


The bathroom door is 36 inches.


The kitchen counter is bar height and thus not wheelchair friendly.

The living room coffee tables, side tables, and couch trays are at wheelchair accessible heights.

The ISP provides several tray tables adjusted to wheelchair height. These tray tables are on sliders so they can be pulled toward.

Quiet Spaces

The detached garage is wheelchair accessible, climate-controlled, and set up with a living room with entertainment center. Lights are dimmable. The door locks. This is the most isolated and quiet space.

Upstairs is an office with a desk, couch, and locking door. Lights are dimmable.

Three upstairs bedrooms are also available for quiet lie downs. Lights are dimmable.

In fair weather, a free-standing treehouse with bunks provides tree top sanctuary. The treehouse is accessible by ladder and not wheelchair accessible.

The garden awaits those who want to get outside.


The ISP provides immediate contact with the outdoors on a fenced property away from traffic.





Disc Golf Course