Needed: Emergency Mutual Aid for the Painter of This Piece

Fellow Stimpunk Jasmine is a neurodivergent artist and mother who helps her son deliver care packages to hospitalized and chronically ill people.

Stimpunks Foundation and the family behind it only have so much budget, and we are encumbered by the laws against dealing to friends or family that apply to private family foundations. So, we’ll sometimes ask you to directly help out someone dear to us.

Send whatever you can to Jasmine to help her repair her car so she can work and take her son to school. Any amount helps.

Jasmine is working on a strikingly composed hair pride piece and a piece inspired by Nina Simone. Buy her some room to breathe, and create, and feel good.

In a world & societies where autistic, neurodivergent and disabled lives are less valued and systemically gaslighted, abused and classed as less than, it is absolutely vital to keep speaking not just our truth for ourselves as individuals, but to platform and amplify each other.

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I wish you could know
What it means to be me
Can you see
You’d agree
Should be free
(Because if we ain’t, we’re murderers)

--I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free by Nina Simone

One of the most punk angst people in history is Nina Simone.


She was neurodivergent and did her best work as an activist completely unaware she was bipolar and suffering from PTSD. As such, the disability community should embrace her as a savant in the wider sphere of neurodivergent people who demonstrate talent usually limited to the label autistic savant.

Nina Simone: Black Activist, Bipolar Savant | NOS Magazine

I sing from intelligence. I sing from letting them know that I know who they are and what they have done to my people around the world.

That’s not anger. Anger has its place. Anger has fire, and fire moves things, but I sing from intelligence. I don’t want them to think that I don’t know who they are.

Nina Simone on BBC HARDtalk, 1999
Black mother and daughter holding hands and wearing sparkling ball gowns and crowns
Black mother and daughter holding hands and wearing sparkling ball gowns and crowns

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We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.


As thanks for your help, whether you donate or amplify, we offer our gallery of sights, sounds, and words by our community of neurodivergent and disabled people.

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