WGMG + W Hotel + Stimpunks: Art, Space, and Mutual Aid

It is with great pleasure that we announce a collaboration between WGMG, the W Hotel and Stimpunks. We are honored that WGMG will donate a portion of its proceeds from the W collaboration to Stimpunks for mutual giving to disabled and neurodivergent artists.

Stimpunks Foundation sponsors and employs neurodivergent and disabled creators and amplifies their work to our clients and throughout society. We exist for the direct support and mutual aid of neurodivergent and disabled people.

Unlike most foundations, we support organizations and individuals directly, maximizing our impact in neurodivergent and disabled people’s lives and communities. Individual grantees do not have to go through third-party organizations or government agencies to access support. According to the Human Rights Funders Network in 2021, “One in seven persons in the world has a disability. Yet, grants for persons with disabilities constitute just 2% of all human rights funding.” Further, accessing these grant funds is challenging and many application processes present barriers to entry for individuals who need to apply for assistance. We believe that direct support to individuals is the most effective approach to alleviating the barriers and challenges that prevent neurodivergent and disabled people from thriving in neurotypical and ableist environments. Our application process is simple, and our direct payments have the potential to transform how neurodivergent and disabled people access philanthropic capital.

We complement mutual aid to creators with learning spaces for creators and our open research initiative. Stimpunks Foundation serves neurodivergent and disabled people unserved by public and private schools. Via equity, access, empathy, and inclusivity, we build community learning space respectful of all types of bodyminds. We pursue passion-based, human-centered learning compatible with neurodiversity and the social model of disability. We create paths to equity and access for our learners so they can collaborate on distributed, multi-age, cross-disciplinary teams with a neurodiverse array of creatives doing work that impacts community.

Our research initiative focuses on the sweet spot of digital sociology, neurodiversity studies, disability studies, and syncretism, in the open. We want to improve the scientific experience for the disabled and the neurodivergent by restoring the humanities.

We create Cavendish bubbles of peer respite and collaborative niche construction where we can find relief from an intense world designed against us.

To learn more about Stimpunks visit us at stimpunks.org.

WGMG Stimpunks. Togetherness = Betterment

Launch Party

Join us for the launch of “First Thursdays WGMG ART” at W Hotel Austin! Monthly rotating art installations starting 2/3/2022.

Starting 2/3/22, WGMG will be launching monthly rotating art installations, the first Thursday of every month, at W Hotel Austin!

Buy (or just enjoy) original art, fashion, NFT’s and so much more!

Reverse Happy Hour! Specialty Cocktails! Specialty Cuisine!

VIP & Resident viewing (5pm-8pm)

Public viewing (8pm-12am)

10% of all proceeds will be donated to Stimpunks; A charity supporting disabled artists.

Can’t wait to see you there!

“First Thursdays WGMG Art” Launch Party at W Hotel Austin Tickets, Thu, Feb 3, 2022 at 5:00 PM | Eventbrite



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