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Care work makes all other work possible.

Care work makes all other work possible.

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Putting care—not just care work, but care—at the center of our economy, our politics, is to orient ourselves around our interdependence. We do this not because someone’s work is what makes them worthy. We do it so we all live and live with dignity.

The Year That Broke Care Work | The New Republic

Care is an organizational structure needed to keep our nation running. It’s, by definition, infrastructure.

Health is at the center of the human experience.

We need a counterculture of care.

I feel that that the fundamental property of humanness is to fill those spaces where humanity has been abandoned with love.

Those who would change the system have to begin with love, and with the vision to build geographies of care built from that love.

ubuntu as praxis – Charles write here

Interdependence acknowledges that our survival is bound up together, that we are interconnected and what you do impacts others. Interdependence is the only way out of most of the most pressing issues we face today. If we do not understand that we are interdependent with the planet we as a species will not survive.

It is time to celebrate our interdependence! Collaboration allows us to create genuinely safe spaces.

Reframing is self-care and social change.

Those who are the most sensitive and traumatised and have not lost the ability to extend trust constitute an enormously rich and diverse repository of insights and hold many of the keys needed for co-creating ecologies of care.

Let's organize our lives around love and care
Let's write each other letters and call it prayer
Let's congregate in the place that isn't anywhere
At the temple of broken dreams

--Three New Songs by Ezra Furman

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