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AquaPort II Water Rocket Launcher

AquaPort II Water Rocket Launcher

AquaPort II Water Rocket Launcher

AquaPort II Water Rocket Launcher

Name: AquaPort II Water Rocket Launcher
Manufacturer: Pitsco Education
Make: AquaPort
Model: W38826

Water rocketry is one of the most fun and exciting hands-on science activities around. Converting empty plastic soda bottles into high-flying rockets provides a great opportunity for students to discover important scientific principles such as Newton’s laws, acceleration, thrust, and inertia. A second-generation launcher, the AquaPort II was redesigned to be safer than ever and still offer consistent launching for water rockets of various sizes: 2 liter, 20 ounce, and some 1 liter. Still utilizing the three-finger latch to securely hold the pressurized rocket in place, the launcher also features: Sturdy tripod base and release system that provide excellent launchpad stability. A launch mechanism pulled by 25′ of launch string to keep everyone far away from the launcher. An extensive 25′ of air tubing – and it has handy brackets on one leg for winding the tubing. Stakes to secure the launcher to the ground. With no engines to buy, you can launch rockets again and again! Note: Recommended for only outdoor launches on the ground (not on asphalt or concrete). Requires a bicycle pump, sold separately. DETAILSSAFETY Type: Tools and Equipment/Launching and TestingGrades: 3-12 What You’ll Get AquaPort II with attached air valve, air hose, launch cord, and leg 2 additional legs 3 stakes Super Lube

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Shelves full of tools and parts bins

…engage in building full-fledged library economies based on the commons.

This can take the form of tool libraries, vehicle libraries, clothing libraries, furniture libraries, and more in an effort to curb overproduction, end planned obsolescence, and provide access to an irreducible minimum to all.

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In The Ecology of Freedom, social ecologist Murray Bookchin spends a lot of time exploring three key concepts: usufruct, the irreducible minimum, and complementarity.

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A library economy would require a vast reorientation of our priorities from the centrality of capital and competition to the centrality of humanity and cooperation.

We Need A Library Economy – YouTube
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