The autism industry seeks to divide the autism human kind to remove the voice of self-advocating people of the autism human kind…

Pathological demand avoidance: my thoughts on looping effects and commodification of autism

The neurodiversity movement is broadly against the subtyping of autism and the “mild autism”, “not like my kid”, and private equity narratives around subtyping.

FWIW, this is exactly what functioning labels (and Asperger’s diagnoses) seem to perpetuate in the discourse. the argument I keep seeing from the community, and which I agree with, is that you are a whole part of the community even if your experience doesn’t perfectly map or overlap, even if you don’t “look autistic” to a neurotypical or a passing glance.

It shares a lot with conversations about invisible disabilities and people who don’t always need their mobility aids but still use them. And, it shares a lot with conversations about people not feeling “queer enough” also.

The point of backing up to the umbrella term is that autism in particular has a lot of variety and a long history of people attempting, clumsily, to sort us into more specific categories, which ultimately do not actually serve us, and do not result in better-tailored assistance.