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Publish Podcast

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  • Record using your phone or preferred setup.


  • Save the resulting audio file to Google Drive > Shared Drives > Stimpunks Media Library > Stimpunks > Podcast.
  • Name the file “Stimpunks Podcast Episode x, Episode Title”.


  • If the audio file is not in mp3 format, use the Permute app from our Setapp subscription to convert the audio file to mp3.
  • Both files should be stored in the Podcasts folder.


  • Open the Descript app.
  • Click “New Project”.
  • Add a title of the form “Stimpunks Podcast Episode x: Episode Title”.
  • Upload the mp3 file.
  • Play the audio and correct the transcript as you go.


  • Create a new post via the WordPress backend to our website.
  • Add a title of the form “Stimpunks Podcast Episode x: Episode Title”.
  • Set the primary category to Podcast.
  • Write a brief introduction.
  • Add an audio block with the mp3.
  • Add transcription.
  • Break transcription into sections with headers.
  • Add table of contents.
  • Add tags.
  • Add featured image. Generate the image with MidJourney or use a stock photo.
  • Share draft in Editorial room for feedback.
  • Publish.


  • Check Spotify and Apple Music for the new episode.