Wheelchair on a landing with two stairs going up and steps going down

Access Survey

Survey the venue using this access survey from ATX Go.

INTRODUCTION: This survey was developed for an Art Spark Texas grant project funded by the City of Austin Cultural Contract Office. The purpose of the grant project is to design and develop an online cultural guide to Austin’s cultural arts facilities. This survey will have information useful to everyone with the emphasis focusing on accessibility for persons with different abilities.

What This Survey is Not:

It does not attempt to illustrate all possible barriers or propose all possible barrier removal solutions. This survey’s primary function is to gather information to assist visitors and the community at-large of the basic/minimal accessibility information necessary to facilitate participation. This document is not to be construed as legally binding.

Priorities for review:

This checklist/survey is based on the four priorities:

  • ✓  Priority 1: Accessible approach and entrance
  • ✓  Priority 2: Access to goods and services
  • ✓  Priority 3: Access to rest rooms
  • ✓  Priority 4: Any other measures necessary including but not limited to: visual alarms, captioning, emergency plans, usable lighting, sound levels, website(s), policies pertaining to service dogs and sign language interpreters.
ATX Go Access Survey

In addition to the ATX Go survey, check:

In Brief

We all need to be able to pee, poop, eat, drink, sit down, and access quiet space and outdoor space.


  • What size threshold ramps do we need to bring?
  • What size modular/foldable ramps do we need to bring?


  • Are bathrooms all gender?
  • Do we need a wheelchair accessible portable toilet? Is there a place for one?

Caves, Campfires, Watering Holes: Access to Quiet Space and Outdoor Space

  • Is there a sensory escape room/area?
  • Is there immediate contact with the outdoors? How many doors to get outside?
  • Is there covered outdoor space?
  • What’s the nearest green space in the area?
  • Are there cave, campfire, and watering hole areas?
  • Are there opportunities for people to move from indoors to out?
  • Is there room to stim and pace? Indoors? Outdoors?


  • What are the sound pressure levels at capacity?
  • When are the quiet business hours? What is their SPL?
  • Is the lighting flourescent?
  • Is the lighting dimmable?
  • Is there natural light?
  • Are there shades to control natural light?
  • Is there a scent-free policy?


  • What food allergens are present? Peanuts?
  • Are vegetarians, vegans, and others serviced?
  • What food/drink do we need to bring with us?


  • Is there priority seating for those who must sit?
  • Is there covered outdoor seating?
  • What seating do we need to bring?


  • What are the CO2 levels?
  • Are there air purifiers?
  • What ventilation is available to mitigate CO2 (fans, windows, whole house fans, air exchangers)?
  • What airborne allergens are present? Dogs? Cats?
  • Is the HVAC maintained?
  • Is masking required?
  • Is masking respected?
  • What air circulation/filtration do we need to bring?


  • Is there a smoking and/or vaping area?
  • Where is the nearest location to smoke/vape?


  • Does the environment have clear signs to indicate the use of each room?
  • If appropriate, are there directional signs to each area?
  • Is there a “run of show” sign/poster?

Care Station


Take photos of:

  • Entrances
  • Doors
  • Bathroom entrance and layout
  • Ramps
  • Steps
  • Parking
  • Wheelchair loading areas
  • Green spaces
  • Outdoor covered spaces (porches, patios)
  • Smoking areas
  • Care station location
  • Anything noted in the access survey

Venue Access Page

From these surveys, create an access page for the venue from this template.


Surveyors, get this checklist as a PDF here:

The above covers the basics. For more detailed accessibility surveys, visit our access page.