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Learning Space

We put some time into the landing page for our learning space. We added four callout sections.

  • Three Sacred Learning Spaces
  • Quiet Space and Outdoor Space
  • Constructionism
  • Intrinsic Motivation and Flow
That covers the main themes we’ve gotten in feedback. Folks want quiet space, outdoor space, experiential learning, and deep dive programming for special interests.

Mind Map

Here’s a mind map of our website along nine themes.

  • Sustainability
  • Culture and Identity
  • Place and Space
  • Continuity and Change
  • Citizenship and Social Responsibility
  • Design and Technologies
  • Social Organization
  • Creative Expression
  • Health and Wellbeing
The leaf nodes are clickable/tappable links.

DIY at the Edges: Surviving the Bipartisanship of Behaviorism by Rolling Our Own

We extensively updated our course "DIY at the Edges: Surviving the Bipartisanship of Behaviorism by Rolling Our Own".

Website Updates

We made the usual array of updates all across our website. Consult our changelogs for details.

Newly Published

Day 4 - Choosing the Margin: Our Philosophical and Pedagogical Foundation

Rainbow woven cloth evoking our diversity and interdependence Themes: Our heart, exposed. Compasses, guiding stars, and alignment with our loved people. No one knows best the motion of the ocean than the fish that must fight the current to swim upstream.Black Cyberfeminism: Intersectionality, Institutions and Digital Sociology by Tressie McMillan Cottom :: SSRN Day 4 Table of ContentsPurposeIntroduction4 Values Statements …
Rainbow woven cloth evoking our diversity and interdependence

Day 3 - Fix Injustice, Not Kids: We've Turned Classrooms Into a Hell for Neurodivergence

3d rendering of small single seat desk standing on brown sound block with gavel lying beside block on light-blue background
Themes: Behaviorism is bad. Neurodiversity instead. Neurodiversity means that we are all different in how we think, feel, and learn, because our brains process information differently. Neurodiversity includes everyone, because everyone has a brain!LEARNING ABOUT NEURODIVERSITY AT SCHOOL (LEANS) | THE UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH Day 3 Table of ContentsPurposeIntroductionReadingEnable Dignity: Accessible Systems, Spaces, & EventsNeuroception and Sensory Load: Our Complex Sensory ExperiencesEducation …

Day 2 - Reframing Learning: How We Use Caves, Campfires, and Watering Holes to Nurture Intrinsic Motivation, Enter Flow States, and Make Rock 'n' Roll

Themes: Spiky Profiles, Safety, Niche Construction, Constructionism, Intermittent Collaboration, Neurological Pluralism, and Flow Entering flow states or attention tunnels is a necessary coping strategy for many of us.Fergus Murray Table of ContentsPurposeIntroductionReadingWhat makes us different, makes all the difference in the world.MonotropismClassroom UX: Designing for PluralismWhat Safe Collaboration Can DoReflection ActivityActivitiesTake It furtherResourcesContinue with Day 3 - Fix Injustice, Not Kids: We've Turned …
Man sitting in the mouth of a cave with open sky and mountain showing beyond the cave

Day 1 - Written Communication and Indie Ed-Tech: Neurodivergents Created This Communication Environment

Colorful bubbles with words on them float above a computer keyboard
Themes: Teams, Technology, and Help Now we have the opportunity and understanding to move from emergency pandemic remote school and its pantomime of learning to purposefully designed online education spaces that are accessible, sustainable, and representative of the communities they serve. It's time for the academic conference model to respond accordingly.Conference to Restore Humanity: The Need Day 1 Table of ContentsPurposeIntroductionReadingWritten Communication Is the …

Ocean Waves by Adriel Jeremiah Wool

Ocean Waves The swells and textures of nature follow patterns that resonate with the human body through its ability to hear sound. Ocean Waves is a wonderful way to easily immerse yourself in a lush, and relaxing natural sounding sonic environment, anytime! The swells are specially timed to encourage the body to breathe more slowly and more deeply. The sound …
fractal ocean waves

Foreground complexity as the baseline.

Biologically diverse and lush rainforest scene featuring colorful birds and a jaguar
Neurodiversity, the social model, and structural ideology are about the “foregrounding of complexity as the baseline.” I foreground all of this to underscore that there is a neurological difference, or a spectrum of neurology, that must be attended to. The movement for neurodiversity is not interested in homogenizing experience. We are different and we require different accommodations. On the other …

Gender and Minority Stress

Table of ContentsMinority StressAutigender and Neuroqueer: Two Words on the Relationship Between Autism and Gender That Fit MeAutigenderNeuroqueerComing to TermsStudiesBird, You Can FlyTransformThe Malfunction Isn't Us, It's all the Clamor and the Fuss Minority Stress And that is what happens when you soak one child in shame and give permission to another to hate.Hannah Gadsby: Nanette This is the Story …
A female coded silhouette and a male coded silhouette stand in the circles of a green infinity symbol reaching toward each other with outstretched arms. Emerging from the infinity symbol are a female symbol and a male symbol that have been fractured, evoking the breaking of constructs and norms

Use Voice Control on iOS or iPadOS

Screenshot of iOS showing the "show names" feature of voice control
How to turn on Voice Control Go to Settings and select Accessibility. Select Voice Control, then select Set up Voice Control. A download will begin in the background. When the download is complete, a microphone  will appear in the status bar of your device that indicates that Voice Control is listening or not listening. How to use Voice Control Follow the …

Use Voice Control on macOS

How to turn on Voice Control Requires macOS Catalina 10.15 or later Choose Apple menu  > System Settings (or System Preferences). Click Accessibility. In Accessibility settings, click Voice Control. Turn on Voice Control. If you're turning on Voice Control for the first time, your Mac might complete a one-time download from Apple.* When Voice Control is enabled, you see an …
Screenshot of macOS desktop showing the voice control microphone

Enable Spoken Content on macOS

Screenshot of the macOS spoken content controller with play, pause, stop, fast, slow.
Enable Hover Text Enable "Hover Text" in Zoom preferences. Click the info button next to Hover Text and select an "Activation modifier". The default is Command. In the screenshot below, the modifier has been changed to Control. To test, hold down your action modifier and move the mouse. The text under the mouse should magnify. Enable Speak Item Under the …


Wheelchair user using a computer at a desk


A fountain pen, ink stamps, and legal documents arranged on a wooden desk
Here are some legalities we have to attend to at and around events. See also FAQ: Holding Events as a Nonprofit Table of ContentsLicensing ArtHiring and W-9sInsurance, Liability, Safety Licensing Art If you want to reproduce, republish, or reprint creative work, you must seek written permission—this includes posting photos to your social media accounts.Reprinted with permission: Requesting permission to reproduce …

CHAMPS and the Compliance Classroom

I wrote this in 2016 after witnessing a CHAMPS classroom. My stomach dropped when I saw CHAMPS at our elementary school. "Eyes front, knees front, closed mouth" leapt off the wall and rose from memory. I was in school in the 1970s and 80s. Some teachers were really into table readiness and proper student posture, and some principals thought a …
OBEY sign

Changelog: Updated and New on for Calendar Week 8, February 2023

Cross section of a log carved like a clock face
Learning Space We put some time into the landing page for our learning space. We added four callout sections. Three Sacred Learning Spaces Quiet Space and Outdoor Space Constructionism Intrinsic Motivation and Flow That covers the main themes we’ve gotten in feedback. Folks want quiet space, outdoor space, experiential learning, and deep dive programming for special interests. Mind Map …

Autism, Stress, and Flow States

Many people with autism are stressed individuals who find the world a confusing place (Vermeulen, 2013). So how does someone with autism achieve a sense of flow? McDonnell & Milton (2014) have argued that many repetitive activities may achieve a flow state. One obvious area where flow can be achieved is when engaging in special interests. Special interests allow people …
Waterfall falling over the mouth of a cave

Changelog: Updated and New on for Calendar Week 7, February 2023

Tree growing in the cross section of a giant carved log
1 new blog post.2 new pages.7 updated pages.1 new glossary entry.4 updated glossary entries. New blog posts New pages Updated pages New glossary entries Updated glossary entries

Changelog: Updated and New on for Calendar Week 6, February 2023

It was a recovery week at Stimpunks. We took it easy, but managed a few updates to the site. 1 new blog post.1 updated blog post.1 new glossary entry.1 updated glossary entry. New blog posts Updated blog posts New glossary entries Updated glossary entries
Tree growing out of a stack of books lying open

Changelog: Updated and New on for Calendar Week 5, February 2023

gnarly tree stump fashioned into a cube
“Metal Health Fest” was a joyful success. Check out the photos. Also, 1 new blog post.1 updated blog post.1 new page.1 updated page.5 new Field Guide pages.6 new glossary entries.6 updated glossary entries. New blog posts Updated blog posts New pages Updated pages New Field Guide pages New glossary entries …


Empathy is not an autistic problem, it’s a human problem, it’s a deficit in imagination.We all need to work on imagining things we have not been through.Empathy, Imagination and Autism – Autism and expectations Being autistic in our ableist societies is full of cruel ironies. One of the cruelest and most damaging is the myth of the unempathetic autistic. We …
A young girl hugs a swaddled baby, both of them look sad


A young woman sits at a table being interviewed by a young man
While the autistic individual is interviewing, they will often be acutely self-aware and preoccupied by their own nervousness and internal coaching, and be simultaneously experiencing two conversations at once—one that is shared aloud between the interviewer and interviewee, and one that is an ongoing internal dialogue. Often the internal voice will overshadow the external conversation and, as a result, gaps of time in the …

Tourette Syndrome

Tourettes is a neurotype characterized by a compulsive need to perform physical or verbal tics.Tourettes · Public Neurodiversity Support Center Tourette's is a neurological condition. It is a tic disorder, and it is also a lot more common than you think it is. So, what is a tic disorder? A tic disorder is characterised by the presence of tics. So, …

Harm Reduction

Harm reduction refers to a set of principles and strategies to address the health, social, political, legal, spiritual, and relational impacts of behaviors that are criminalized—substance use, sex, sex work/sex trade, and engaging in the street economy. While popular definitions focus on minimizing the harm associated with these behaviors and survival strategies, harm reduction has been practiced by our communities …
A clear pill bottle filled halfway with pills. A small flowering plant grows in the top half of the bottom.


Colorful bubbles with words on them float above a computer keyboard
I am nonspeaking. I am not nonverbal. In fact, I am highly verbal. I don’t use my body’s voice—my vocal chords—as my primary way of communicating. I think I will learn to talk, but I use other means to communicate because at this point it’s not easy for people to understand what I’m saying. I might look “dumb,” but I’m …

Alternative and Augmentative Communication

AAC Systems are methods of communication used to supplement or replace spoken or written language. A speech generating device (an AAC system with voice output), will have vocabulary organized to help the individual communicate. The vocabulary system might include words, phrases, sentences, keyboards or a combination of all of these. The words that make up AAC have special meaning. Augmentative means …
Screenshot of Proloquo2Go showing buttons to tap

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Profile of a giant human head formed from earth. A hole in the head reveals clouds and a tree. A human figure, dwarfed by the earth head, faces away.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, also known as CBT, is a psychological intervention that helps an individual recognize and understand the impact of their thoughts and feelings on their behaviors. CBT may be used alone or together with other therapies to deal with a mental health condition. What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? – Mental Health Center Kids The CBT triangle, also called …


“Participants associated puzzle pieces with imperfection, incompletion, uncertainty, difficulty, the state of being unsolved, and, most poignantly, being missing,” “If an organization’s intention for using puzzle-piece imagery is to evoke negative associations, our results suggest the organization’s use of puzzle-piece imagery is apt,” the study authors wrote. “However, if the organization’s intention is to evoke positive associations, our results suggest …
Colorful puzzle piece with the paint flaking off


View from behind of three people interlocking arms, helping each other through a disaster
The point of being prepared, as an individual, is that you’re better situated to help your community.We’re All Preppers Now | Live Like the World is Dying Prepping has a bad name, for good reason. Prepping has such a bad name that I don’t always call what I do prepping. Most of what is labeled prepping is this individualist mentality—what …
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