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Tech Workers: Is Autistic Conversion Therapy, ABA, in Your Company’s Ad Stock?

We autistic people helped build these tech platforms and companies and the collaboration cultures they run on. Is ABA, autistic conversion therapy, in the ad stock at the companies and platforms we poured our lives into? ABA ads are everywhere. YouTube videos that we embed on pages warning about ABA have ABA ads on them. It’s a systemic problem …
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Autigender and Neuroqueer: Two Words on the Relationship Between Autism and Gender That Fit Me

Autigender and Neuroqueer: Two Words on the Relationship Between Autism and Gender That Fit Me
These two words helped me figure myself out more. Passing them along. Table of ContentsAutigenderNeuroqueerComing to TermsNeurodiversity and Gender Autigender Autigender is not explicitly saying that "My gender is autism" - it's not about saying you are a boy, girl, enby, autism, whatever. It's about your relationship with your gender. Specifically, gender is a social construct. The primary deficit of …

Stimpunks Community Programming: We Need Your Input Dripping Springs, Wimberley, and Austin

Stimpunks Foundation serves neurodivergent and disabled people unserved by public and private schools. Via equity, access, empathy, and inclusivity, we build community learning space respectful of all types of bodyminds. We create anti-ableist space for passion-based, human-centered learning compatible with neurodiversity and the social model of disability. We create space for those most ill-served by "empty pedagogy, behaviorism, and the …
The Bobby Lees performing live on stage with the lead singer captured mid head swing with hair flying.

Reframe Disability and Difference with Stimpunks

Abstract, algorithmic art of butterflies made of butterflies repeating in infinite, fractal depth
Reframe these states of being that have been labelled deficiencies or pathologies as human differences.Normal Sucks: Author Jonathan Mooney on How Schools Fail Kids with Learning Differences Not having the vocabulary to describe yourself and your loved ones is a tragedy. Our story of reframing disability and difference starts on our front page and continues via the “Continue” button at …

R-word and Genius: Situationally Mute Hyperlexic Autistic

When I was a kid, school didn’t know I could read because I wouldn’t read aloud. Situational mutism and exposure anxiety locked my lips. One day, in a quiet corner with a semblance of psychological safety, I quietly, in a whisper, read a book cover to cover to my teacher and said, “Can I go now?” I’m hyperlexic. And autistic. …
Stressed Child Suffering from Public Speaking Phobia

You Get All Sorts of People in the Library

You get all sorts of people in the library, and the librarian gets it all.Terry Pratchett Knowledge equals power… The string was important. After a while the Librarian stopped. He concentrated all his powers of librarianship. Power equals energy… People were stupid, sometimes. They thought the Library was a dangerous place because of all the magical books, which was true …
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License: Everything Is a Remix

Audio cassette tape labeled PUNK with a black maker and masking tape
Create open source communities instead of walled gardens of intellectual property rights – to create a global knowledge commons and to maximise collective intelligence.Replacing Control With Ecologies of Care | Autistic Collaboration Our glossary, Field Guide, and courses steadily expand in depth and breadth. We’re building a knowledge commons and a space of openness, at the edges. For me this …

Enable Dignity: The Accommodations for Natural Human Variation Should Be Mutual

We’re also tired of repeatedly asking events to foreground accessibility, rather than treating it as an afterthought, or expecting us to come in and clean up their inaccessible mess. How to Make Your Social Justice Events Accessible to the Disability Community: A Checklist - Rooted in Rights Enable dignity in your spheres of influence with our course on access. Enable …
A wheelchair user looking up at stairs and escalators

Making Spaces Safer: Bodymind Affirmation and Access Intimacy

Painting a house with rainbow colours
The reality is that marginalized people experience discrimination in public spaces. As they move through their lives and through various spaces, they cannot predict if they will be treated with respect, let alone if they will be safe. When they attend a show or event at your space, they should be able to know what to expect, or at least …

Neuroception and Sensory Load: Our Complex Sensory Experiences

Neurodivergent people are hypersensitive to mindset and environment due to a greater number of neuronal connections. They have both a higher risk for trauma and a large capacity for sensing safety.Neuroception and the 3 Part Brain Table of Contents🫀🧠💥 Neuroception and Sensory Load🤢 In Our Own Words: The Complex Sensory Experiences of Autistic Adults🎪 Sensory Environment Checklist👁 Sight🦻 Sound👃 Smell …
A person that is exploding with sparks from the inside out holds a cordless drill to their own temple, which is also producing sparks.
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