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This Is Not About Me: The Journey from Patient to Agent and the Fight for Educational Inclusion

What is it like to be autistic and non-speaking in a world that has already made up its mind about you? This Is Not About Me tells the story of Jordyn Zimmerman. Jordyn dreamt of becoming a teacher. She started out eager to learn at school, but she was soon separated from the other children. Unable to communicate, teachers thought she was also unable to understand or learn. Year after year, her behavior worsened. She was restrained and placed in seclusion. Jordyn found herself caught in a system that unintentionally turned her life into a living nightmare. Finally, at the age of 18, with the help of educators who see her differently, she manages to turn her fate and flourish.

Watch the story of one autistic woman that fought hard to be recognized and trusted. Share the trailer to bring awareness and change the lives of countless others fighting that same system today.

This Is Not About Me | A story about growing up non-speaking
This Is Not About Me – Trailer

Jordyn’s hard fought quest for educational inclusion sent me on several nostalgia trips as her story paralleled our stories. This film gathers relatable touchstones on the journey from patient to agent. It succinctly and poignantly captures why Stimpunks exists. We recommend it to all fellow humans, but especially educators.

Those main takeaways go a long way toward educational inclusion.

An essential component of my journey was an identity transformation from being a patient to being an agent.

You don’t need somebody to fix you. You need somebody to fight for you, and with you, because what’s happening to you is an injustice.

Jonathan Mooney, The Gift: Learning Disabilities Reframed






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  1. Adelaide Dupont Avatar

    And now she is a teacher.

    She has done a lot of wonderful work in the Nora Project.

    And Mooney’s quote means so much.

    Someone to fight WITH you – on YOUR side.

    [too many people see only the FIGHT FOR].

    [as I nearly did when I read Mooney’s quote].

    I first “met” Zimmerman during 2017’s Autism Acceptance Month.

    And previously I had known of their work with the Sparkles cheerleading.

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