Additions to Our Philosophy on Disability Justice, Dignity, Anti-racism, and Moral Obligation

We added quotes on disability justice, dignity, anti-racism, and moral obligation to our Mission and Philosophy page.

Disability justice (and disability itself) has the potential to fundamentally transform everything we think about quality of life, purpose, work, relationships, belonging.

Disability Visibility: First Person Stories from the 21st Century

It is in the dignity of the most vulnerable that the dignity of all mankind is upheld.

Source: No, Eugenics Doesn’t Work – by The Negro Subversive – The Negro Subversive

In order for true diversity to flourish, we need to first become unswervingly anti-racist.

Source: No more white saviours, thanks: how to be a true anti-racist ally | Race | The Guardian

Every single one of us has a moral obligation to use whatever resources we have — time, money, knowledge, skills, emotional energy, access to physical resources — … in service of justice, and fighting against injustice and oppression and violence in all of its forms, structural and individual, subtle and overt.

Source: Making Work Accessible, Wherever it Happens –





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